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Black Desert Online 23 quadrillion silver exploit cover up and account lock scamming of their playerbase. Just happened on October 21st.

Gamingtodaynews1g - Black Desert Online 23 quadrillion silver exploit cover up and account lock scamming of their playerbase. Just happened on October 21st.
Loading... <- 23 quadrillion silver pic proof.
Been almost 3 days since me and my girlfriend's account has been locked. We have done everything we're suppose to do to get in contact with BDO staff to resolve the issue.

  1. Make a support ticket.
  2. Then we post on the official kakao discord and get banned from there for asking about our issue without getting an actual answer.
  3. We try to post on BDO reddit and the moderators have also banned us there.
  4. I post on the official forums and get threads auto closed and permissions to post removed and are praised for doing so.
  5. As far as I know no one has had their account unlocked other than TimAllen, a partnered twitch streamer. He gloated about reporting himself in a support ticket and that is why he didn't get his account locked. Video can be found here; All the other people I talk to are still account locked, and none of their support tickets have been replied to other than TimAllen, and there has been no update regarding this matter since they locked my account almost 3 days ago. #partnerperks.

So I truly do need to point out that it feels like me and my girlfriend's brand new season accounts are being stolen/scammed by kakao for nefarious purposes given them limiting our abilities to talk on ALL of their social platforms, support tickets not being responded to, and their clear unwillingness to provide updates on the account unlocking almost a half week later.


I know I for one have never been treated THIS BAD by a mmo game or community in the past 20+ years of mmo gaming and I dare say I wish I never spent a damn penny on this game. Its getting to the point where I feel obligated to report this horrendous treatment to an online news outlet in hopes they can warn others not to spend money on this game as well as contacting my bank.

Lastly, to re-iterate on this situation and how it came to be. Kakao gave everyone who participated in valencia node wars 23 quadtrillion silver for winning the node. guild leaders did a payout to their members for this silver. After which every single player in every single one of those guilds received an account lock EXCEPT for kakao's twitch partner TimAllen1337.

It is now saturday (mind you 2 1/2 days later) and not a single person other than TimAllen (kakao's partnered twitch streamer) has received an unlocking of their BDO account. No support tickets have been responded to other than TimAllen's support ticket. Any mention of this ordeal on Kakao's official forums, discord, and reddit receives an almost immediate thread deletion and lock by VOLUNTEER moderators. I've never seen such blatant fraud and misconduct in my life. Truly disgusting.

On top of that, the pay 2 win in this game is the worst I've ever seen. People can literally spend $50,000 in the pearl shop and melt down costumes for crons to perma enhance all their gear to PEN. They can buy unlimited artisan memories, which are used for repairing failed enhance gear. There are gambling boxes in game they offer you to buy with real life money

If you are a new player, a normal gamer, a non-gambling addict, or someone who values being treated fairly.. do not play this game. I promise you that you'll regret it if you do!; a youtube talking about it in even greater detail.

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