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Black Desert Online Private server: a NA veteran’s perspective

Gamingtodaynews1b - Black Desert Online Private server: a NA veteran's perspective

I don't know if it's not allowed to talk about pservers here but just want to share my experience. Ill delete this if not allowed.


Ive played retail first and enjoyed my time there. I started playing back in 2017. It took me about 1 year and a half to reach softcap. Currently, Im playing retail on and off so I'm somewhat aware of what is going on and also, most of my time is playing the private server. I dont want to name the pserver since you guys probably know which one is it because of controversies that actually got me to check it out.

My experience:

-I have 5 level 66 classes on the pserver and it took about 3 days for it with the gear that I have. Free pearls are great since I dont have to worry buying artisan's. Currently have about 10k unused pearl but know some people have 100k+

-Caphras are very easy to get. 100 artisan's can be exchanged for 1000 caphra's stones. As you can guess, all top guilds and players are C20.

-Enhancing is much easier since free artisans and also a weekend enhancement event every 2 weeks.

-They don't have all the succ yet and only have guardian pre awake and still behind on some stuff but they got deborekah necklaces first (pen debo are already available in CM) than retail and now they just implemented the unlimited pots. There was a weird time where pserver was way ahead of retail but now it's not

-They also got filters for loot (premium) which is very useful. 3 places you could designate for instant teleportation


-It's more P2W than retail (you can buy T9, unli pots, compass, etc. on webshop) but you get to have free pearls and don't have to spend real money for pets, tents, costumes, etc.

-Gearing is super easy. I am already full pen after 5 months of playing and atleast C10 on armor and weaps. Here's a screenshot of my gear. (awk dk since I prefer it than succ)

-PVP is active than you might think with seiges having at least 10 guilds participating across the territories but Mediah is the most competitive right now.

-concurrently, it has about 1.3k people active on NA and about the same on EU.

-A lot of NA/EU veterans are in here. (even one time FML along with old man proto was in the server. some are still here with just a new guild)


It's less stressful than retail and you don't have to spend money for a lot of things. But people might be put off the P2W aspect. I wasn't since you can just craft those. A bit healthy playerbase and more like a tight community as everyone almost knows each other. I would say I prefer this private server than retail. It was really hard for me to recommend retail to a friend since you need to spend money for pets, etc. on top of buying the game. Im thankful though for introducing me to such a wonderful imperfect game. Cheers!

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