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Blizzard EU Gear Shop canceling orders made on Black Friday with less than a week before Christmas

Gamingtodaynews1e - Blizzard EU Gear Shop canceling orders made on Black Friday with less than a week before Christmas


I will probably sound a little salty but I wanted to bring to your attention what happened to many customers who tried to buy something during black friday sale on eu blizzard gear shop.

I made an order on 22nd of November, got an Information that it will be shipped in 2-3 working days. Sadly that didnt happen and I got no info what was going on. After a week still got no email from shop but on main page they put a banner that orders may be delayed (understandable I guess). Sadly another week past and another one after. So after 3 weeks of waiting I still got no info from the shop buuuut they changed their glorious banner on main page that orders made after November 26th wont arrive on time for Christmas (I made mine on 22nd, lucky me eh?).

So yesterday I got kinda pissed and contacted customer support. He basically knew nothing, he said that support was informed about whole situation a week ago, blizzard customer service (which is located on eu gear shop) has almost no connections to the eu gear shop (which operates in Netherlands). So basically Blizzard EU Gear Shop is operated by 3rd party company with no direct contact and the only thing blizzard CS can do is to ask them as they cant see any info. The guy talking to me even said that as far as order status he can only see the same info as I do. And when I complained about lack of communication he said thats not true because they had banners on site (LOL)

Now today I got great news.

"Due to a substantially higher-than-expected volume of orders from our Gear Store Black Friday promotion, we’re currently experiencing significant shipping delays and your items may not arrive by December 24. In addition, our order-processing partner experienced a system malfunction that resulted in some sold-out items appearing as available. We’re very sorry to say that the items below are no longer in stock and must be removed from your order:

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The purchase price of these out-of-stock items will be refunded in full to the bank account or card used when placing the order. Please allow up to 14 days for the refund to appear. We sincerely regret that part of your order is no longer available, as well as any delays to the arrival of the rest of your order. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience, as well as this code for 30% off your next Gear Store order"

So to sum up: after 30 days of holding my money they finally decided that they cant fullfill order and cancelled 7/8 of my items. And to add salt to the wound they did it just before Christmas. Perfect gift. What's more ppl on blizzard subreddit were saying that Blizzard were refusing to cancel orders due to delay when they asked which is againts EU law. The interesing part is that they said there was site malfuction with not displaying that items are out of stock where some ppl report that some items that were cancelled are avaiable on store right now. Ppl are also reporting that they contacted support earlier and they were said that their orders are fine just have problem with courier company just to be said week after that due to order mistake it will be cancelled (another sort of hint that CS is completly out of touch with eu gear shop).

TLDR: Blizzard EU Gear Shop held money from orders made on Black Friday for 30 Days and then cancelled many orders right before Christmas. Customer Service as it is separted from Blizzard EU Gear Shop (its operated by 3rd party company) was oblivious to what was going on and couldnt help at all.

Sorry for long post but just wanted to bring this situation to your attention.

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