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Blown away by the music in different MMOs

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I hadn't really played a "big" MMO up until a little while ago, and I've been excitedly playing through them with whatever free time I can grab onto. One of the things that caught off guard was the music in ESO, WoW, and FFXIV.

Most other MMOs I've played have very subpar music. Like it's nice that it's in the game, but it's not particularly good. GW2 is still my most played MMO, but when I'm playing it, the music isn't super conducive to the zone. It's still good music, but it doesn't line up with what's happening very well. I might as well listen to something from the LOTR or another fantasy based movie, where the music composition is much higher in quality, because it gives me the same effect.

These new MMOs (WoW in particular) are shockingly good with their music and zones. Each time I enter a new area, the change in music is an absolute vacuum of immersion. Teldrassil and Eversong Woods especially just blew me away.

Dark and purple, with massive trees and little protected areas with buildings that you venture out from? Mysterious harp plays, and then as you run out of the building, orchestra violins begin to play leading into a rich french horn as you embark into the dark forest.


Blinding, burning gold, with ornate constructed buildings and a backstory of corruption and the loss of one's homeland in attacks along with the vindictive and vengeful nature of the Blood Elf race? You're treated to some rough cello music. Very simple in terms of notes. So insanely simple. But the dynamics crescendo and diminuendo, leading to loud peaks right before it moves, and soft somber voices join in the mix in the background.

While not as zone powerful as WoW's, ESO and FFXIV both have soundtracks that fit the moment, and their quality is something I could see myself listening to outside of the game just for fun.

I already commented a while back on how rich the zones in these places feel compared to the more flat environment (DLC excluded) of GW2, where every zone has the same rolling hills but with a different texture. I like GW2 for the arcade style of gameplay and the fast combat.

That being said, the power of music cannot be understated in the immersion. I am not playing a game when I am in WoW. I am a blood elf, with the sorrows of my race playing instrumentally in my mind as I seek out the remainder of the scholars and warriors, trying to stop the scourge. There are very very very few games that give me this feeling. The importance and power of the music CANNOT be understated. I just wanted to share and see if anyone else has a similar (or different) feeling.

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