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BOTW physics are more interesting than RDR2

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Now I know this controversial, but BOTW physics is more interesting than RDR2’s is.

In BOTW, the physics are more for gameplay to help you in exploration. For example, you can use the stasis on a rock, hit a couple of times with a strong weapon, get on it and ride it. It’s cool because it helps the player in way that isn’t really limited. But it doesn’t just help you it could also be dangerous. Let’s say you’re in a thunderstorm and you have a metal weapon on you. You get hit with lightning and may possibly die. But in this situation it could also help because if you use your magnetic rune you could use it to move the metal weapon and there’s an enemy. Then the thunderstorm hits that enemy with metal weapon in the way. There are also many examples like making a fire with wood and flint stone in a tent or area away from the rain which you can’t raise a fire in. Fire can also be used in grass where it creates an advantage for you to use your paraglide. The shrines(not all them) have puzzles that use runes to solve problems using the game’s physics for problem solving.

In RDR2, they seem to have went in realism. It’s cool, but when people say the physics are amazing, I think they mean it is because it’s realistic and not really for gameplay purposes to help or trouble the player. When sitting up a fire in the game, you can just use a button that could just make the fire even in the rain for a camp. There is falling off the horse when you ram into something or bushes that brush off when you go through them, but I think it’s just there for realism, not for gameplay purposes to even help the player. Sure it’s great and all, but for me a great physics engine is well used for not only immersion, but also for gameplay purposes to help or make consequences for the player. But in Red Dead you can hit a rock and fly off your horse. It could’ve been more interesting if you could gather materials to make a fire out of wood, but oh no you don’t have any so you can cut down a tree or gather wood sticks around you in the woods and buy flint from someplace. This could’ve actually made the world feel more real and less like I’m being limited on what I can do and more to feel like a badass that can overcome a situation.


Overall, you can see what I’m coming from and how I think physics should work. Heck even Half Life 2 had amazing physics(ex. Gravity Gun) Breath of the Wild was able to replicate too. The problem with Red Dead 2 physics is that it only really adds attention to detail, but can’t be used to help the player and find new solutions in gameplay. Look it’s amazing and I applaud Rockstar’s dedication for this game and attention to detail, but when the realism can be a bit tiring that the player feels as if they can’t really control the world around them then you take away the best part of game physics: finding solutions and actually kind of having a hand in the player’s action in either way. Physics in games just can’t be for immersion or realism, you earn them through finding ways to affect gameplay for your player. I just hope this is friendly discussion because I love both games at the end of the day, but I feel one did something more interesting and in the end entertaining than another game did.

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