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Bye Ready-Up Studios (Oath MMO rant)

Gamingtodaynews1f - Bye Ready-Up Studios (Oath MMO rant)


I’m sure most of you have heard of the new, up and coming Kickstarter MMO named Oath. If you haven’t, their website is here. There has been some controversy surrounding the developers but that’s not what I’m here for. I’m here to tell my story of how I got banned from the Oath Discord for linking a reddit post. Get ready folks cause this is a long one.

Just a little heads up, I was kind of a lurker in that server and didn’t really say much. I usually just check updates to see what new content the devs have for us to see. My discord name is lowiqcapricorn in case anyone from that server stumbles upon this.

Anyways, I saw a comment on this sub that was supposedly “exposing” the company (Ready-Up) for being fraudulent and not being an LLC before starting their kickstarter/official discord. I was confused by the comment and linked in general chat the comment thread and literally said, “can someone explain this?”. No one responded for a minute or so and after maybe three minutes, my comment had been deleted and I had been banned from the server indefinitely.

I have NEVER done anything to harass anyone or instigate violence in that server. The rules do state that you shouldn’t link websites in general chat but people go ahead and do it anyway without getting banned or have their posts deleted. So why was I banned for linking a reddit post with a valid question? I just wanted an answer from a dev or someone who knew more about the situation so that I could better understand what happened. But nope, I literally just got banned. No warning, no message from a mod – nothing.


So, since I know Stephen checks this sub often cause I’ve seen him around a couple times, if you have an explanation for why I was banned without a reason, I’d love to hear it. It was probably easier for you to just ban me because I wasn’t really active in the server and no one would really question it. But, someone did question it after I got banned and asked IN GENERAL CHAT, “what happened to the person who linked the reddit post?” crickets.

It really just looks bad on you guys when you ban people for no reason when they bring up valid questions. If there was an explanation for the comment, why couldn’t you have explained it to me instead of banning me?

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I was really hyped for this game but maybe I should reconsider supporting it. Be careful y’all.

TL;DR: I got banned from the Oath official discord server for linking a reddit post that “exposed” (it’s in quotes because it could be completely false) the company. I just wanted an explanation and instead I got banned. Be wary of this company.

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