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Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War advances a far-right conspiracy that originated in Nazi Germany and nobody is talking about it.

Gamingtodaynews1e - Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War advances a far-right conspiracy that originated in Nazi Germany and nobody is talking about it.

It’s honestly disappointing that a large franchise like Call of Duty would be so irresponsible with both it’s story elements and marketing. If you look at the comment sections of the trailer for Black Ops: Cold War it’s literally just Pepe Avatars thanking Treyarch for helping them redpill the normies. That should tell you all you need to know.

I suppose I have to substantiate my claims. Get ready for a pretty effort-post, as I know I’ll have a good amount of people right below this insisting that Bezmenov was an honest actor.

Who was Yuri Bezmenov?

Bezmenov worked as a public relations officer for the KGB and was later assigned as a press officer in India. Both relatively low level and low clearance positions that mostly consisted of spreading propaganda and misinformation in a broader effort to increase the Soviet Union’s political legitimacy and influence. It’s important to note that Bezmenov would not have access to higher level intelligence secrets like say- a detailed account of what motivated the USSR as an imperialist power. Keep that in the back of your mind.

Forgive a bit of editorializing on my part, but every world power ever has had it’s hand in similar propaganda outlets. America has think tanks such as The Heritage Foundation and The Brookings Institute and China has a whole host of state-funded media apparatus’ solely dedicated to advocating in it’s interests. The Soviets were no different.

What were Bezmenov’s claims?

While touring American universities delivering lectures, Bezmenov warned of the encroaching Soviet threat. His speeches were primarily concerned with what he called “Cultural Marxism”- a Marxist plot aimed at securing global Soviet domination by sowing dissent in America and causing it to destroy itself.

This Cultural Marxism angle wasn’t an invention of Bezmenov himself, instead it actually originated in Nazi Germany, then known as Kulturbolschewismus (Cultural Bolshevism) and comes from the belief that the Frankfurt School of social theory was a jewish-led propaganda effort trying to indoctrinate Germany’s youth into believing in Communism. The phrase “Cultural Bolshevik” was subsequently used to smear Hitler’s political rivals, often in attempts to code them as either Jewish, or Jewish sympathizing.

“Cultural Marxism” was a later embellishment latched onto by far-right conspiracy theorists who knew how bad open anti-semitism looked in the wake of the second World War.

I’m unaware if Bezmenov himself knew that the conspiracies he spread were rooted in Nazi fear-mongering, but the fact remains that our friend Yuri spread lies born out of hatred.

There’s still a lot I found out about Bezmenov that I haven’t been able to bring up as it’s not super related to what I’m talking about, so if want some more nuggets of wisdom on who exactly Bezmenov was, keep reading. This is the part where I post about some of the wild (and dubious) shit he got up to.


The person who he is being interviewed by in the video shown in the game’s trailer is a G. Edward Griffin, a very normal and chill guy. Here’s some excerpts from Griffin’s Wikipedia:

“Is an American far-right conspiracy theorist, <...> In his book World Without Cancer, he argues that cancer is a nutritional deficiency that can be cured by consuming amygdalin, <...> He is an HIV/AIDS denialist, supports the 9/11 Truth movement, and supports a specific John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory.”

Just an absolute peach.

In that same interview, Bezmenov calls Civil Rights activists “useful idiots” for the Kremlin. Now I don’t know about you, but the idea that movements that aimed at black liberation were ultimately just pawns in the Soviet Union’s larger scheme sounds like some bullshit Reagan era propaganda, signs like this come to mind.

He repeatedly referred to himself as a Soviet soy when in-fact, he never was. As I mentioned earlier, Yuri worked public relations domestically for some time and later as a press officer in India.

I remember first encountering this guy a few years ago and taking what he said at face value. Then with the controversy surrounding the game’s trailer I started reading up on him and I began to uncover more and more, eventually realizing that the whole thing was a grift and likely aided by the American government at the time.

Also, remember how I mentioned earlier that he was a low level officer that didn’t have access to state secrets? Well, Yuri made a big deal about the Soviet’s exact process for destabilizing countries, always making sure to hammer home the four steps necessary.

So I leave you with a thought. Do you think a P.R guy would know about an entire country’s top secret rationale and process for how to turn other nations against themselves?

Furthermore, do you think the American government would allow an ex-KGB to blabber on about supposedly classified information like Agent Perseus during the height of the cold war?

Also, Agent Perseus is most likely just the fabrication of Russian Intelligence officer Vladimir Chikov.

I hate to ruin the fun, but the entire premise of this game is based off of lies and Treyarch snidely telling players to “know your history” (by playing a video game lol) while using a man who got famous off of distorting history is just perfect irony.

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