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Can games that clearly distinguish race and class by characteristics help people with autism? Or will it only get worse?

Gamingtodaynews1e - Can games that clearly distinguish race and class by characteristics help people with autism? Or will it only get worse?

I have autism (people in audience clap) And I think, that what I am about to tell will be incomprehensible to many.

My brain finds division into races and classes in games insanely convenient. This frees my brain from constantly looking for signs, that could indicate personality of character and player. And that it can be used in real life, like MBTI. But unlike my brain, I realize, that this is not case. For about 6 years I fought with my brain because of MBTI, trying to convince it, that this does not work, that cannot put all people in a table, although personality tables very much calms me and promises, that I will always know all situations in advance, and not get into unpredictable moves with a human. Again, this is not case. It's same with races in first-person games. Isometric games are just a jumble of numbers, while first-person games focus more on gameplay and story, and this becomes easier for player. This is especially nice with races. Like Skyrim, all races are different in appearance, and have clear attributes. Yes, races in Morrowind were all unique, but it was too schematic and puppet, while races of Skyrim have both uniqueness and believability. I always know what to expect from characters of different races, because of vibrant characteristics of their cultures. My brain thinks, this is incredibly convenient… and constantly projects it onto real people. This is terribly infuriating.


I remember, how I spent a year on WoW, creating and deleting characters of different races and classes, pumping them to maximum, and all in order to understand, who I was comfortable playing and whom to choose regarding my personality. Every day, throughout the year, new and new characters were created and deleted. – I could not find out, and forced myself to quit game.

If characters are not in clear-cut niches and their distinctions are blurred, I constantly experience cognitive dissonance and sensory overload. My brain needs everyone to be different in an obvious way, and everyone to fit right niche in story. At same time, nothing got stuck in place, and everything developed. It is very difficult to constantly struggle with brain, which tells you, that there is an ideal system in which you can fit everything and yourself, but I myself understand, that this is not so, but at same time I see this system, and see that it works, although this is not the case. Uhhh.

At the same time, my brain perfectly remembers the old structures, and protests when they are repeated. Therefore, I can almost always predict plot at beginning of game, and pattern of human behavior in real life just based on constantly repeating games plots.

That's all. Most likely, no one understood anything what I wanted to say. xDD

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