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Cant decide between 3 games… gw2, bdo, albion.

Gamingtodaynews1f - Cant decide between 3 games... gw2, bdo, albion.

Well im having a hard time deciding which one of those 3 games i should play and focus, because well i cant play 3 or even 2 same time since i dont have the time for that nor want it.

The games are Black desert, Gw2, and albion online.

Now ofcourse u guys need to know what i like and dont like about each game in order to help me.



Black desert: graphics are insanely good and runs smooth on my pc with max settings;

combat is very good;

i like the fact that u dont just tp everywhere u actually have to walk;

game is very populated which makes it feel rly good;

i like grind games but still idk how much grind it is i only got to lv56.


I dont like the fact that it is p2w (not sure how much p2w it is);

ppl say at a certain point game is such a grind that it feels like a job rather than a game;

has a veeery suspicious anti cheat;

u look almost the same noob at lv 60 it feels u still lv 1;

sometimes the combat while being good also seems kinda bad because it seems u can hit ur head against the keyboard and kill mobs.



Gw2: i have both expansions;

gameplay in pve and pvp is veeery good u actually require skill depending on zone and enemies;

absolutely zero p2w;

there is a bunch of cosmetic items which cost real money but u can get that currency with ingame gold and its not that hard (at least for me it isnt);

u dont require to play it 20hrs a day to do something, u can make wathever u want and still get some gold and stuff just maybe not as effective but still good.


I dont like its performance… like wtf is that thing, u always droping frames and some places fps go down by a lot;

graphics are very weird because some stuff have good graphics and others look rly bad which creates some imbalance making the overal graphic look horrible;


its not the tipical mmorpg, as such sometimes it feel like u rly not doing a thing like there is no meaning to what u doing since its extremely easy to get good gear;

rotations can be a pain becasue of the mixed combat system which is lika a tab target/action combat.



Albion: somehow i like the graphic style;

performance is good (at least to me):

u can literally have a farm there (which i do) and i like farming games haha;

there is a ton of ways to make some money and all of them are viable just maybe not as effective as other;

there is some risk if u rly want to make big cash which makes the game more chalenging/intense, at moments your heart literally go fast af when u runing from a gank with a lot of loot and fear of getting killed (it is both good and bad as when u die, well its not rly that fun haha);

group content is rly fun and being in a group is actually rly good for everyone (more need for social interaction which is good, afterall it is an mmo not a singleplayer game);

i like the combat idk why but it feels good.


I dont like that you need premium or else u are rly fkd up (covid shit rly messed with my life, cant afford to be paying subs and such);

there are groups that gank lone players, like literally 5 ppl + vs 1… There is a lot of trash ppl there (ik its an easy prey… but what does one guy with t4 gear brings in reward for a group that big ?);

i dont know or there isnt a way to make money enough to pay a month without playing a lot every single day if you are not very high lv and top tier guild.

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