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Careful purchasing an MO2 alpha account…

Gamingtodaynews1f - Careful purchasing an MO2 alpha account...

Yes, it's alpha, and yes it has issues. That's not what you should really be concerned about. The devs are not receptive on feedback outside of combat changes.

Some examples being the testing server being located in EU, even tho there are a considerable amount of the player base located in NA. The resistance to moving the testing server to NA, and the validation that there will only be one world server, and it will be located in EU with the possibility of having different continents representation different regions (but without symmetrical balance when it comes to resources, meaning certain continents will have stuff others don't).

You're thinking, okay, one world server for all regions doesn't sound bad right? If the combat wasn't so easily abused and so dependent on latency I would totally agree with you. First off the combat is directional. Left, right, overhead, thrust. A lot of this is client side, with a few server side checks. The combat current is in a very tough spot if you're playing from NA. EU players have significant advantage with their ping, there is serious desync, with people hitting you from 5 – 10 feet away. These issues do happen between EU players, but they're even more prevalent with NA players. On top of that the game utilizes prediction code (similar to the code you find in fighting games), unfortunately the system is faulty and is heavily abused by players.

Combat CAN be fun, but the fun is ruined once you encounter the problems I listed above, and those happen quite often, even more so depending on your location to the server. West Coast players will likely have even more issues.


A lot of these issues could probably be resolved by changing the location of the server, and if not, at least through process of limitation the devs will know it's not based on latency, but something deeper in the game. Unfortunately the devs absolutely refuse to acknowledge the problem, and stand firm that there will not be an NA server at EA.

Sure I'll run into the ole "don't preorder/crowdfund/etc" argument. However If we don't take chances and try to support games like these the odds are they'll never game made. I definitely appreciate the effort that the devs are putting in to Mortal Online 2, but I fear the game's progress and success will be stifled because of the inability to listen to players when it comes to performance issues around latency, etc and overall enjoyment of the game.

Another issue (although, perhaps forgivable considering the budget and size of the team) is the fact they're using a lot of store bought assets. I don't really care too much about this one, but I'm sure some people would. It might be problematic when they plan on having a box price AND a subscription fee. I can't imagine playing on a EU server from NA with directional combat, high potential of desync and a box / subscription fee.

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