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Carrion is a critical darling, but I’m finding it mostly exasperating. If it was meant to show how not-glamorus life is for a movie monster, it succeeds in that.

Gamingtodaynews1b - Carrion is a critical darling, but I'm finding it mostly exasperating. If it was meant to show how not-glamorus life is for a movie monster, it succeeds in that.

Reviews for this seem positive across the board, it's hard to find anyone talking about it's negative aspects. The premise is very exciting, but it mostly fails to live up to it in many ways.

in a horror movie you may imagine the monster bursting out of an air vent, grabbing one of the characters and continuing straight out the other side of the hallway. This is pretty much impossible in Carrion, as it's extremely difficult to be both fast and accurate. almost all the times I tried this I missed completely and got shot for my trouble. movement is mostly designed for quickly moving around the levels, so to grab people you usually need to stop and aim carefully, often while being shot. If you try to grab while moving you'll most likely just dance around them and come away at half your previous size.

Certain powers can only be used at certain sizes, and I don't understand the reasoning behind that. They seem to think it's a puzzle when they force you to backtrack to find the right kind of water to deposit your self-meat in, so you can go shoot web at a lever, then go back and get it so you can smash some wood. This is just busywork. And at at least one point it seemed that I was required to let people shoot me so I could be small and use a power at that size.

You take damage very quickly, and if you get stuck in an awkward position for a moment a few people with guns will reduce you from a herd of cattle to one third of a BLT. The guys in power armor are a huge pain to deal with, as they do more damage and have shields. it's usually better to just run right by them if you can.

moving is done from the largest part of you, and being big is awful because youll often try to go around a corner, tilt the stick to go around it, and go backwards because that's where the biggest part of you is. Aiming is very imprecise, as your grabbing tentacle moves to the part of you the right stick is tilting towards, moving the reticle with it, so it's difficult to even grab a switch on a wall if you're too close to it.


the game really, really needs a map. You spend a lot of time being lost, saying "God dammit, I've already been here," and backtracking for something to use a new power on, and the humans aren't giving you directions. backtracking to find the containment units in each level sounds like a nightmare.

To make you feel like a horror movie monster, a game would need more complex AI than this. The armed people walk the same path, and very occasionally use a ladder, while the civilians do the same screams over and over and hide in the corner. More complex AI to make the game more strategic and less getting lucky with your aim may be out of the studio's reach, however.

early levels have you finding three places to plant a meat garden to open part of a door to the next area. later levels shake it up by having you find FOUR places. Now, at the eleventh level, they're really shaking it up by having you plant SIX meat gardens. you could say it's a little repetitive.

So, I guess it's a stunning exposé on how difficult it is to be a movie monster. in movies they don't show the parts where the monster spends a lot of time being lost, and all the times when the monster loses very quickly. It has a very interesting premise, but falls significantly short of living up to it. I guess it's a peer pressure thing that pretty much all the reviews are positive. I'm learning that happens a lot as I become more of an adult. Nobody wants to be the one guy giving it a bad review.

I need to see a penny arcade comic about it, though! I could totally see the monster drawing a map with a crayon, trying to ask for directions and getting turned into shreds of balogna.

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