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Classic WoW showed that a majority of players do not want an “old school”/2000s era MMORPG

Gamingtodaynews1b - Classic WoW showed that a majority of players do not want an "old school"/2000s era MMORPG

First let me say that I am no way saying that classic WoW is a failure. A lot of people play and will probably continue to play it well into TBC classic. I myself have been playing a lot of Classic over this quarantine and for the most part, I'm enjoying it. A lot of these points are not backed up by data. So many of it was my personal experiences. Ranging from friends, guilds, talking to players in game, and just doing /who to observe numbers

Classic will always be one of my favorite MMORPG projects. Mainly because it showed a large portion of players what it was truly like to play one of these MMORPGs back in the day. And for many of them, they either don't like it or don't want to play it correct. Take the following points.

  1. A lot of players drifted off from the game after reaching max level. Once they got to max level and the dungeon/raid grind (along with the time commitments that come with them) came about, many decided they just didn't have the time to play that way.

  2. Players dropping the game because of loot. It isn't uncommon to go for weeks, possibly months, without a "main spec" upgrade in the game. The loot systems that players utilize (DKP, SR, etc) each have their own pros and cons. But I've met quite a lot of players who dropped the game because they preferred the personal loot system of retail or similar other games.

  3. The amount of cheaters. The amount of cheaters in this game are staggering. I'm not just talking about the insane amount of gold farming bots going on. But the amount of players who bought that gold. The amount of players running suspicious addons/scripts to give them an unfair advantage. Players who bought characters. Players multiboxing. Players botting herbs all night or PvP. In general, just the insane amount of activities players are doing to bypass the grind/hardcore aspects of the game. To rush to the endgame. Just how many games out there now rush their players to endgame. It was flaunted that classic was more about the journey and how players didn't have to rush/care about getting to endgame. When given the choice, a staggering amount of players have chosen to bypass that journey, to rush to the endgame. And anyone who partakes in GKP runs are not innocent either. Joining a DKP run where a gold buyer buys some item for 10,000g and then it gets distributed to all the "carries" is just another way of benefiting from gold sellers. Now the fault isn't just on players. There are many issues with the game itself and difficult in designing security systems for such an old game. Nevermind the lack of technical support/GM support on Blizzards side. So it is hard to stop. Many players seem to have rather benefit from the cheat than get left behind.

  4. Boosting. Now a days when I play an alt and level, a majority (if not all) of the LFG I see for dungeons are boosters. The game was barely out for a year and the playerbase shifted away from "enjoying the journey" and rushing to endgame. It shows why retail turned out the way it did. After the leveling experience had been out for 5-6 years, people got tired of it.

  5. Class Uniqueness and Balance – It's not surprising that trying to make classes feel unique/have a "role" in gameplay often sacrifices balance. And classic really shows that. There are some classes that are very unique and feel special, but just don't perform in some aspects of the game. As a result, people don't like them. Others are way too good. Despite people saying that this is important, it isn't uncommon to see some big discriminations in endgame for some classes/builds. It's also not uncommon to go into a raid where most of the raid is just warriors. Don't even get me started on people playing a variety of builds either.

Playing classic and just seeing in general how people behave, what their complain about, and how they actually play the game; I am 100% not surprised retail turned out the way it did.

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