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Clearing up Misinformation in the Pokémon Community

Gamingtodaynews1g - Clearing up Misinformation in the Pokémon Community

After seeing a lot of misinformation in the community I thought I’d back a post addressing and correcting some of the misinformation and allow the community to also help.

  1. BBND isn’t about the actual National Dex it’s about having all the Pokémon available to transfer into the game.

  2. You don’t have to buy the DLC to get the Pokémon added back to your game.

  3. Pokémon has had some Variation of a paywall for years so don’t act like it’s a new thing.

  4. HAL, Genius Sonority, Bandai, Gamefreak, etc. do not make Pokémon animations or models Creatures Inc does and has been making the models for the main line games since gen 6 and all the 3D spin offs since forever.

  5. Reused Models and animations are nothing new in Pokémon. Creatures and been reusing animations and models for year. Stadium 2 used Stadium 1 models and animations, all the Genius Sorority games used models from the stadium games with Creatures only making new ones for the ones they didn’t already have and just touching them up. That was just the first example to come to my mind.

  6. Home will not delete your Pokémon if you stop paying

  7. Hardware limitations was never given as a reason for the Dex cut. Many reasons were given but hardware was not one of them.

  8. Reddit is not the majority of the Pokémon community. I shouldn’t have to say that but it’s true.

  9. Gen 5 had backlash just because you like the games doesn’t mean there wasn’t backlash.

  10. Just because you started playing at a certain time don’t make your opinion more valid than anyone else’s. This is supposed to be a community so stop gatekeeping.

  11. Nintendo isn’t the savior of Pokémon that many thinks they are. They love money just as much as any other company. The reason we have two different versions of the game is because of them and being one of the owners they’ve been involved in a lot of other things with the franchise.

  12. GF did not split the team in half to work on LTH. Just looking at the credits of the games disproves that notion. I honestly believe that some people took what the director of the Gear Project a separate team at GF said and ran with it. He called his team the A team like any director would but actually looking at the credits of the game once again shows otherwise. If you remove the other companies that were involved in the game, the voice actors and the special thanks Little Town Hero had around maybe 40 devs nowhere half of the devs that worked on SwSh.

  13. Your opinion is subjective if someone doesn’t agree you can move on with your life you don’t have to attempt to change there opinion to fit yours.

That’s all the ones I can think of off the top of my head I’ll add more if I can think of any. And feel free to add your own at the bottom. Thanks for reading

Edit: Source for Creatures making animations and models.

201707 cgw227GG pokemon - Clearing up Misinformation in the Pokémon Community

“3DCG models and motions are produced by Creatures, and supervised by the game freak side and Pokemon side.”

Edit 2: Some old interviews where it was stated that Nintendo or more specifically Shigeru Miyamoto while he worked for Nintendo as a designer and General Manager of Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development Division(a job he had from 1984 to 2015) came up with the idea for version exclusive or two versions of the games

Shigeru Miyamoto for those who don’t know is the father of some the most popular games in history. Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and many many more.

Edit 3: Creatures Gameography

Edit 4:

Little Town Hero Credits

Edit 5:

I’ve posted this in multiple subs and it was well received so I thought why not post in the Nintendo sub itself.

Source: Original link

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