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Clumsy’s World Returns – An New and Refreshing EQEmu Experience

Gamingtodaynews1b - Clumsy's World Returns - An New and Refreshing EQEmu Experience

Clumsy's World: Resurgence

Website | Discord

Server Launches TODAY, October 3rd at 6 PM EST.


Clumsy's World (CW) has returned! The first iteration of CW ran from 2006 to 2012 and it has finally returned. CW is a semi-custom, 2-box, legit, Kunark-era server with newer QoL features, and custom modern amenities. CW is not a classic-progression server. The server will progress to Velious naturally then move into completely custom content. CW aims to be a medium between being casual-friendly while still providing challenging end-game content. Most of what you know from Kunark still exists but many things are tweaked or customized to fit into our vision. Your knowledge is still relevant but there will still be new twists and experiences.


What the players know, as of Velious, is that Kerafyrm was the illegal child of two opposing elemental dragons, creating a powerful prismatic dragon. Kerafyrm rose quickly to great strengths, becoming an exceptional general, but developed an insatiable hatred and blood-lust. Because of this he was seen as a threat by the Council of Elders and Veeshan sentenced him to death. An acquaintance of Kerafyrm's decided instead to lock him away in a prison, known as Sleeper's Tomb.

During his rise to power Kerafyrm acquired many followers; they were known as Ancients. Who are they, what were their motivations, and what would become of them if the Sleeper were ever set free?

CW dives straight into the world you remember and expands on the stories of the Ancients and follows the Resurgence of Kerafyrm. Come join us as we embark on this journey.

So What Can You Expect?

  • No Tutorial
  • Experience rates tailored to favor groups over solo play
  • Heavy server-wide tuning of difficulties and mechanics (most raids can be done with 2-4 groups).
  • Nerfed/Removed Items Reintroduced to the game
  • Removal/Re-purposing of Out-of-Era items
  • Raid Instancing
  • Modified Loot Tables
  • Scions/Boats replaced with Translocators
  • Content-locked at Classic-Velious (Kunark is open at the start)
  • Quality of life improvements like Extended Targeting and Click-from-bag
  • Experience Loss & Corpse Retrievals
  • The Ancients: Completely Unique Group/Raid Encounters
  • Custom & Revamped Dungeons
  • Custom Quests
  • Upgradeable Armor, Weapons, Accessories, and Charms
  • No Required/Recommended Levels
  • Majority of items are droppable (FV-style)
  • Hub Zone with Quest NPCs, Progression Trackers, Translocators, Soulbinder, Corpse Summoner, and more
  • Spellscriber: Complete quests to gain access to more powerful spells
  • Custom Kunark Gear Sets for Int Casters & Monks
  • Revamped Statistics and Restrictions on certain items
  • Various Custom NPCs/Quests/Items added to the existing world
  • Challenge Encounters that test player's coordination and endurance in difficult wave/ring style events
  • Additional Race/Class Combinations
  • Pets can tank and hold aggro
  • Cultural Armor
  • Alchemy Distillates and Potions
  • Player Mentoring (De-level to play with lower level friends)

Final Thoughts

More information on playing, what we're about, things we've changed so far, and much more information can be found on our website and on our discord. Malevolent, the Server Owner, is very active and many people in the community are more than happy to help people get started. Feel free to reach out to me on here as well if you have questions.

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