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Coming into the next generation, we need to demand more storage optimisation from developers.

Gamingtodaynews1e - Coming into the next generation, we need to demand more storage optimisation from developers.

With both next gen consoles coming with tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny 1TB drives, and the massive expense of SSD's above 2TB, it's time we ask the developers of games for more when it comes to storage optimisation.

What bloats a game the most? Audio, and textures. So our first and most important demand needs to be this:

  • Allow the user to uninstall languages they do not use, and texture settings they do not use. Even on consoles.

So for example, if I set my game to English, the game should delete the Spanish audio files from my drive. If I set textures to low, the game should delete the uncompressed textures, leaving me with the compressed, low res, ones I chose. This means that my system isn't bloated with files I won't even use.

Uninstalling languages is actually pretty popular in the piracy scene, due to the sheer amount of space it saves.

I wanted to include consoles in this demand too. As even if the game can do 4k on the console, that doesn't mean the player wants 4k. If they've only got a 1080p monitor all those 4k textures will do is bloat. And hey, it could even be a performance fix for a game that's only a few frames off the 30/60/120 fps cap.

Next up, let's bring up Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2019, you can't have a storage rant without it. The game is 201GB. Warzone alone is like 110GB. But what happens if, say, the player hates warzone and doesn't want to play it? Or, more commonly with a COD game, what happens when a person doesn't want to do the story mode? It just sits there, wasting storage.


Our second demand needs to be this:

  • Allow the user to uninstall the modes they do not play.

Halo Master Chief Collection does this wonderfully. You can install/uninstall each campaign and multiplayer component separately. So I can have halo 1 multiplayer, and halo 3's campaign, ect. Funnily enough train simulators are great for this, due to how steam lets users uninstall DLC at will, meaning you can just uninstall what you're not using. All games should follow this trend, especially on playstation, as multiplayer components will continue to be locked behind a paywall on the PS5.

In the future we can even expand this, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 streams the parts of the game to you as you get to it, which saves you 2 Petabytes of storage. (That's 2048 TB!)

Anyway, i've made a wall of text, and I think i've covered the 2 most important things we need to ask development teams to do. If you've got a suggestion feel free to write it down.


Q: Why do you need so many games installed at once?

A: Currently on the PS4 you can store an entire 2 games on it at once. I play more than 2 games. And I prefer to keep games I like installed, much easier to boot it when im in the mood for it rather than wait 5 hours for it to re-download.

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