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Complete Buyer’s Guide for the Nintendo Switch

Gamingtodaynews1f - Complete Buyer's Guide for the Nintendo Switch

For those of you who come to this subreddit and look around for a guide to buying a Nintendo Switch, I hope this thread helps you. So without further ado, let's talk about you buying your next video game console, the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch vs. Nintendo Switch Lite:

As of right now, there are two different options you can purchase when it comes to the Nintendo Switch. You have the option to buy the Nintendo Switch in two different SKUs: the hybrid system which allows you to play on the go or as a home console, or you can buy the Switch Lite, which is the handheld version only. If you are struggling to figure out what version you want to buy, my advice is that if you even think you are going to play on a tv, just save the extra $100 and get the hybrid Switch.

Accessories for the Nintendo Switch:

There are multiple accessories for the Nintendo Switch, however, I believe there are five main accessories you should look to get as soon as possible after purchasing your Switch.

  1. The first accessory I'd recommend is getting a screen protector. In fact, you probably shouldn't leave the store without one of these. The Switch's screen is vital to the console, and if you end up dropping your Switch and the screen breaks, you aren't really going to be enjoying the console. Screen protectors aren't super expensive and can be found at pretty much every major store. You can also find them for cheap on Amazon.
  2. For the second accessory, I'd recommend is a micro SDXD card for you Nintendo Switch. The Switch doesn't have a lot of storage on the console itself, and if you feel like you are going to be someone who primarily buys digitally on the Switch… then yeah, you want to go ahead and invest in a large capacity card. The great thing is that Amazon usually has good sales on these things, so if you keep your eye out for one, you could possibly pick up a large micro SDXD card for cheap.
  3. The third accessory I'd recommend is a traveling case. For those of you who are going to take your Switch on the road with you, you are going to want to have something that you can store your Switch in. There are a ton of cases out there on the market, but the two I personally have are the "Game Traveler Deluxe System Case" which can be found on Amazon. This case allows me to bring my Switch dock, the Switch itself with the joycons attached, a pro controller, and a couple of Switch cartridges as well. This case is designed for those who are going to take their entire Switch with them to someone else's house, etc. The other case I have is called the "Go Case." This case can be found at Gamestop for like $9, and it's definitely the case for those of you who just want to take the Switch itself on the road. This case allows me to take the Switch with the joycons attached, some Switch cartridges, and has a little netted area for some small headphones.
  4. As we know, the Nintendo Switch Joycons have some issues drifting, and if you are tough on your joycons, chances are that they might start drifting on you in the long haul. So my advice to you is to get a Nintendo Switch pro controller. There are plenty of brands out there that make a "Switch Pro Controller" but I personally have the official Nintendo Switch Pro controller and a wired PowerA pro controller and both do the job. The wired pro controller is like $15 on Amazon, so if you don't have the money to spare for the more expensive controller, you can't go wrong with the wired PowerA controller.
  5. And last but not least, I recommend the Hori Split Pad Pro. These joycons are fantastic. They are larger than the standard joycons, joysticks feel a whole lot better, and overall I feel that they are more ergonomic. If you have $50, definitely worth the pick up later on down the road.

And now that we have the accessories out of the way, here is a list of 10 games that you should probably look into (obviously not buying them all at once).

  1. Legend of Zelda BOTW
  2. Super Mario Odyssey
  3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  4. Pikmin 3
  5. Bug Fables
  6. Paper Mario Origami King
  7. Animal Crossing
  8. Hades
  9. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  10. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

If those games don't really peak your interest, here are some other games I'd recommend from my personal collection:

  1. Cadence of Hyrule
  2. Doom Eternal
  3. A Hat in Time
  4. Spyro Trilogy
  5. Crash Bandicoot Trilogy

Hopefully this guide helps someone out!! There's definitely a lot of other games that could be added to the list of "must check out games," so don't take my word for just the games listed!

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