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Concrete Genie Reviews Roundup

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Game Information

Game Title: Concrete Genie


  • PlayStation 4 (Oct 7, 2019)


Developer: Pixel Opus

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – 78 average – 75% recommended – 40 reviews

Critic Reviews

ACG – Jeremy Penter – Buy

"An amazing experience if a bit of a gameplay-lite title"

Attack of the Fanboy – William Schwartz – 4 / 5 stars

Concrete Genie has a great score and impressive art direction which leave you absolutely jaw-dropped at times. It's a short game though, and that feels even more so when the game goes away from its core strengths and barrels towards the finish line with lackluster combat sequences.

COGconnected – James Paley – 88 / 100

It’s a short, steel rail line, but one that leads directly to halcyon summers and lingering sorrow. In other words, I highly recommend Concrete Genie.

Critical Hit – Brad Lang – 8.5 / 10

Concrete Genie is a short, deeply moving expression of creativity and life. Despite embracing some generic mechanics towards the end, Concrete Genie is a bold, passionate game that bears one of the most stunning aesthetics I've seen all year

Daily Star – Rebecca Nicol – 5 / 5 stars

Pixleopus has made a triumphant return and from your very first brush stroke, you’ll be so swept away by the colour, story, and ingenuity unlike anything else out there.

Destructoid – Chris Carter – 8 / 10

Sometimes it's okay to just unwind with a lower-stakes adventure, and that's where Concrete Genie comes in. It might not be on a lot of Game of the Year lists, sell as well as other open world games, or even be referred to as a "classic" in the years to come. But I'll never forget it. Go in with an open mind and a few caveats.

EGM – Josh Harmon – 4 / 10

Concrete Genie's painting tech impresses at first and its heart is certainly in the right place, but the game ultimately proves too aimless to support its already brief running time. Adorning the city in landscapes of your own creation quickly loses its luster as you realize that what you create lacks meaningful interactivity. Even the jarring addition of combat midway through doesn't do much to counter the sense that Pixelopus couldn't find a way to build out a full game around a simple gameplay idea.

Echo Boomer – David Fialho – Portuguese – Liked-a-lot

Concrete Genie is an adorable and emotional journey that twists the platformer genre with some interesting gameplay mechanics.

Eurogamer – Imogen Beckhelling – Recommended

A small, perfectly formed adventure

Explosion Network – Dylan Blight – 10 / 10

I love this game, its characters, charm and the beautiful world that let me not just feel like an artist but become one. Concrete Genie has a warmth to it and I felt like the team at Pixel Opus put their hearts into this and the story and themes don’t come off forced, cheap, or playing the same old-tune we’ve heard before, but instead, real and honest. For all that, Concrete Genie is one of the year's best games and a special gem every PS4 owner should play.

Game Rant – 4 / 5 stars

Concrete Genie is a gorgeous game with a heartwarming story that marks yet another great PlayStation 4-exclusive game.

Game Revolution – Michael Leri – 3.5 / 5 stars

Nothing is particularly extraordinary nor is any one aspect less than solid but there’s a commitment to the vision here that had modest and realistic goals. Concrete Genie paints within its humble parameters and still makes a lovely piece of art even if it isn’t The Starry Night.

GameMAGRussian – 6 / 10

Concrete Genie could be called a cute and socially important game that touches on the theme of ecology, but in fact it is an example of dull game with a bright concept.

GameZone – Cade Onder – 7.5 / 10

Even though Concrete Genie frequently fails to meet the heights of its gameplay potential, it's the kind of game that I'm glad Sony is pushing as a small but strong exclusive for PS4. It sets itself apart from all the other games coming this fall both in its sense of positivity and lush beauty making it a welcome pallet cleanser.

Gameplanet – Billy Atman – 8 / 10

Concrete Genie is a wonderful game for younger gamers. From its stunning graphics and art style to the heartwarming story of childhood and the effects we can have on others, the game delivers its message beautifully. I just wish it could have been a bit longer. It's definitely a bit simple for adults, but if you're looking for the perfect game to play with your kids, I can't recommend it highly enough. It's one of the most lovely little adventures I've been on this year.

GamesRadar+ – 4.5 / 5 stars

Concrete Genie takes you on a uniquely heartwarming journey teeming with creativity and charm that will capture your imagination.

Gaming Nexus – Eric Hauter – 10 / 10

Concrete Genie is one of the best games of this generation—an experience that expands the parameters of what video games can be. By embracing values like artistry, empathy, and beauty, this is a title that will appeal to gamers that might be feeling a bit world-weary, bringing color to a world that has been feeling a bit gray lately. If you have ever wondered why video games have to be so violent and dehumanizing, then do the industry a favor and support this game. And lest I forget to mention: Concrete Genie is a lot of fun to play.

GamingTrend – Nathan Anstadt – 70 / 100

Concrete Genie, much like its main character Ash, is good-natured and warm, but also a bit flat and one-note. The game, in spite of a late-game gameplay pivot, never truly manages to engage beyond its admittedly charming painting mechanic.

Glitched Africa – Marco Cocomello – 8.5 / 10

Concrete Genie is a short but sweet adventure. Its painting features are easy to master and extremely fun to use and there was nothing more satisfying than bringing the town of Denska back to life one district at a time. Do I wish it was a little bit longer? Yes, but the time I spent with the game was enjoyable and I will most likely go back and collect all the other goodies and paint every single wall available.

God is a Geek – Chris White – 8 / 10

Concrete Genie has some stunning visuals when you're free to paint, and the story is interesting enough to keep you playing until the end.


Hardcore Gamer – Kyle LeClair – 4.5 / 5

Concrete Genie could have simply been a game about painting and creating virtual pets that you can interact with and it still would have been a fantastic little game.

Hobby Consolas – Daniel Quesada – Spanish – 82 / 100

A pleasant and artistic adventure that invites us to think about many levels of the human condition. It loses part of its punch in the final act, though.

IGN – By Joe Skrebels – 8 / 10

Short and very sweet, Concrete Genie is a spellbinding experiment in player creativity.

IGN Italy – Diego Cinelli – Italian – 7 / 10

Concrete Genie is a little and charming experience, that makes you feel again the joy of staring, like a child, at a blank page, armed with few brushes and colours, with absolutely no worries in mind.

LevelUp – Pedro Pérez Cesari – Spanish – 6.7 / 10

It is clear that PixelOpus believes a lot in his project and that it was born out of sacrifice, dedication and love for art. Unfortunately, Concrete Genie is far from reaching the heights that so much effort would deserve and seems to be destined to pass unoticed. With that said, it has the potential to touch the heart of those who love drawing more than anything else.

Metro GameCentral – 5 / 10

A peculiarly underdeveloped riff on Jet Set Radio that never manages to find anything interesting to do with any of its many gameplay mechanics and story ideas.

New Game Network – Alex Varankou – 77 / 100

Concrete Genie is a charming and wholesome adventure that makes up for its rather ordinary gameplay with striking art and personable creatures.

PSX Brasil – Leonardo Cidreira – Portuguese – 90 / 100

Pixelopus' effort and dedication to create a project as ambitious and reflective as Concrete Genie, highlight the true potential of this small studio within Sony. It is certainly an experience that will please everyone, regardless of age, thanks to its captivating story, and its enjoyable gameplay, that encourages our creativity. Even with its short duration, it's a great title and a nice addition to the PlayStation 4 exclusive games list.

PlayStation Galaxy – May Alturas – 8 / 10

Overall, Concrete Genie is such a great medium for educating children on the effects of being a bully and practicing their virtuoso skills at the same time. Parents won't have any problems with language nor content. Casual gameplay that will make you blissful most of the time. A Storyline that will keep you wanting to discover more, not just the characters back story but what happens eventually when you save Denska. I am displeased with that glitched pathway and awkward parkour movement but overall I still enjoyed the game and I understand loud and clear the message it wants to shout to its audience.

PlayStation Universe – Laddie Simco – 9.5 / 10

Concrete Genie is a unique action adventure game that proves that the brush is mightier than the bully. The game addresses the subject of bullying through the eyes of Ash, a boy who is the latest victim of teenage thugs who destroy Ash's sketch book and scatter it throughout the now abandoned town of Denska. As you recover the pages you discover that almost every area of the rundown town becomes a blank canvas for Ash's paintings to come alive…literally.

PowerUp! – Leo Stevenson – 8.8 / 10

There's a lot to love in Concrete Genie. If you enjoy story-driven, action-adventure games with a powerful connection to artwork then you'll definitely enjoy this game.

Press Start – Josh Lack – 9 / 10

Concrete Genie paints an impressive picture with delightful gameplay and heart warming characters. it's a great way to spend a few hours unleashing your creativity.

Push Square – Stephen Tailby – 7 / 10

Concrete Genie is a warm, joyful experience that embraces creativity in a unique way. Painting your way through Denska is effortlessly fun, and the genies that help Ash through his adventure are delightful. While this main thrust of the game is well realised, combat feels like an afterthought, as it's stashed away right at the end. This and a couple of smaller issues hold the game back from greatness, but taken as a whole, this is definitely worth playing — and pretty as a picture, too.

Shacknews – Ozzie Mejia – 7 / 10

It's not a masterpiece, but Concrete Genie is still a fine piece of art.

SpaziogamesItalian – 7.9 / 10

Concrete Genie is a charming and creative experience with great 'artistic' ideas, but annoying fights and adventure moments.

Stevivor – Steve Wright – 8.5 / 10

Despite the gimmicks, Concrete Genie is beautiful, endearing, charming and simply adorable.

The Games Machine – Gabriele Barducci – Italian – 8.6 / 10

Concrete Genie is small but ambitious work. A beautiful story of courage, friendship with excellent feelings. The gameplay blends perfectly with all the artistic aspects, cured to the details.

TheSixthAxis – Dominic Leighton – 8 / 10

Relaxed and thoughtful, beautiful and moving, Concrete Genie is a delightfully different game that plays out like an interactive animated movie with bags of character.

Twinfinite – Keenan McCall – 4 / 5

Concrete Genie has outstanding design and a style which bring the game to life, and keep it from fading into the background alongside every other game on the market.

Video Chums – A.J. Maciejewski – 7.8 / 10

Concrete Genie is one of the most imaginative games ever created.

VideoGamer – Colm Ahern – 7 / 10

At times, Concrete Genie can be a little too pleasant, which makes the action-packed conclusion really jarring. Still, the contrast between Ash's fantasy and his reality is truly stunning.

WellPlayed – Kieron Verbrugge – 9.5 / 10

Concrete Genie is a shining example of what games and studios are capable of when tackling underrepresented issues, and it does so in a way that's vibrant, creative and above all – incredibly fun

Worth Playing – Chris "Atom" DeAngelus – 7.5 / 10

Alas, Concrete Genie is far less than the sum of its parts. A strong early game is lost by a bizarre late-game twist that undoes a lot of the charm. If it had just focused on the genies or had been about combat from the start, Concrete Genie would be a much more cohesive experience. Instead, the game has a lot of good moments but ends on a particularly dissatisfying note. There's still a lot to enjoy, but the flaws stand out as brightly as the strengths.

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