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Game Title: Control


  • PlayStation 4 (Aug 26, 2019)
  • Xbox One (Aug 26, 2019)
  • PC (Aug 26, 2019)


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Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Publisher: 505 Games

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – 85 average – 93% recommended

Critic Reviews

AusGamersKosta Andreadis9.4 / 10

Control has flaws, but even these give it character. And don’t detract from the overall enjoyment. A brilliant slice of interactive sci-fi and action in a world where we're not only likely to remember for years to come. But, ponder its meaning too.


ehsan nakhoda - Control - Review Thread

Ehsan Nakhoda – Persian9.5 / 10

Control is the result that Remedy wanted to achieve with Quantum Break. I've played the game for more than 10 hours and I can say that Control includes the best ideas from the previous games of Remedy. All this said, Control has managed to create a strange yet believable world and as a result is a particular game with its own originality and identity. I easily say that it's almost impossible to see a game like Control in the near future. No matter how much I explain the world of Control, it's not enough. Control is the best work of Remedy in recent years and fans of story focused games can enjoy it a lot.

Boomstick Gaming

deadite agk - Control - Review Thread

Deadite AGK –

Video Review – Quote not available

Paul Sullivan –
control review - Control - Review Thread89 / 100

Even with its imperfections, the incredible design, storytelling, and gameplay chops on display boil down to this: Control is the best game Remedy has made, and it’s one of the most unique narrative action games out there.

Critical HitGeoffrey Tim8.5 / 10

Control is an intriguing, fascinating experience. The third-person action, while slick and elegant, is perhaps a little pedestrian – but the completely bonkers story and the rewarding sense of exploration and discovery help cement Control as one of Remedy's best games.

Daily StarBen Walker4 / 5 stars

Control interweaves a superlative environment with brilliant combat and stellar map design. I just wish that the enemies were more varied at times and the story was a bit more compelling, but that doesn’t make the game bad at all. Control is a wonderful experience that any Remedy fan or supernatural connoisseur would enjoy.

DestructoidBrett Makedonski9 / 10

Control is a weird, enigmatic, perplexing masterpiece. It's also Remedy's most well-rounded work yet. Like Jesse levitating far off the ground, Control signifies Remedy is capable of ascending to great new heights.

Digitally Downloaded4.5 / 5 stars

For the most part, Control is a resounding success.

Logan Moore –
control review - Control - Review Thread7.5 / 10

Remedy Entertainment's latest game, Control, continues to embrace the weirdness that has permeated in the studio's past titles but fails to excel in any one area.

EGMMichael Goroff10 / 10

Control is Remedy at the height of its abilities. Finally, the studio's expert handling of tone and story is met with gameplay that's just as engaging and refined. As an experiment in nonlinear world design, Control doesn't just stick with tried-and-true waypoints and forests. Its Oldest House is a brutalist masterpiece, and the characters inhabiting it are just as unforgettable. All told, it's going to be one of the most memorable games of the year.

Easy AlliesMichael Huber

Control blends storytelling and action as you try to unravel the mysteries of a paranormal agency in crisis.

Echo BoomerDavid FialhoPortuguese9 / 10

Control is absolutely insane! From its crazy and surreal concepts, fast-paced and visceral gameplay, to its gorgeous visuals, Remedy went all out with something so incredible that transcends the medium and can only be done in a video game.

Christian Donlan –
2019 08 23 control review mid century postmodernism - Control - Review ThreadRecommended

Giddy action and astonishing art design combine in one of the great locations of modern video games.

Everyeye.itItalian9 / 10

If Remedy decides to leave the history of the Bureau "in isolation", or expand it in the future, we still cannot know it: the hope, of course, is that the Old House represents only a first step in this strange, crazy and beautiful universe.


control review mind over matter - Control - Review Thread

9 / 10

Fast-paced action tied in with an intriguing story about a secret organisation which you will need to explore and discover it's hidden secrets. Visually detailed with polished fun gameplay, combining telekinetic powers with shooter combat. A playthrough could take 10 to 15 hours or more depending on the level detail you pay. A full thumbs up for this one.

Game Revolution

michael leri - Control - Review Thread

Michael Leri – 4.5 / 5 stars

From its narrative to its world to its puzzles and combat, Control intrigues its players and invites them to think and rewards them handily for doing so; a true remedy for overly linear and coddling game design.

Game VoltMohamed AshmawyArabic8.3 / 10

Control is the culmination of design elements followed by Remedy Studio over many years and offers a lot of developments and revolutionary about their design methods, but the poor presentation of characters and artificial intelligence weak in addition to the narrative method and boring dialogues sometimes do not decrease the experience at all, but the level design also world design and combat as well as the powerful story is enough to consider it a great game and to keep in mind


nicholas scibetta - Control - Review Thread

Nicholas Scibetta – 9.3 / 10

Control is Remedy's best game in nearly twenty years, and easily one of the best games of 2019.

GameSkinnyMark Delaney9 / 10 stars

Control is undoubtedly Remedy's biggest and weirdest game yet. In many ways, it's also their best, all while it paves the way for a Marvel-like connected universe.

Richard Seagrave –
control review - Control - Review Thread9 / 10

Control is so good that even when faced with such annoyances you just jump right back in. It’s like a Remedy greatest hits compilation, taking the best bits from all of the studio’s previous titles while adding a Metroidvania spin, and it really works.

Peter Brown –
1900 6417278 - Control - Review Thread8 / 10

A different kind of haunted house makes Control hard to resist.


rami bououd - Control - Review Thread

Rami Bououd – French8 / 10

Control is a true Remedy experience, with some nervous and satisfying action, fantastic story and narrative elements, and stimulating exploration… And that very wird touch that makes it unique. And very good.

GamesRadar+4.5 / 5 stars

The perfect blend of narrative and gameplay, coherency and strangeness, Control is a game we'll be talking about for generations.

Gaming LYFCharles Tyldsley4 / 5 stars

Control is a fantastic game that comes so close to being an absolutely incredible one. Providing some of the best gameplay Remedy have created since Max Payne, it's an undoubtedly fun game with an intriguing story. Some areas such as the weapon and environment variety only slightly negatively impact what's an otherwise brilliant title.

Ron Burke –
a feast for the mind and the eye control review - Control - Review Thread95 / 100

Control manages to take the awesome cutscenes we see in other games and makes them playable. A bizarre adventure with rewarding power fantasy, this is the culmination of all previous Remedy games. Part exploration game, and part sci-fi shooter, Control blends a tight narrative, stunning graphics with RTX-powered lighting, and a hub-based world to create something entirely new and absolutely gorgeous.

Geek Culture

jake su - Control - Review Thread

Jake Su – 8.5 / 10

Control draws you in with its wonderfully crafted world, and never unhooks its claws of fun combat and a tremendous Metroidvania experience.

Glitched Africa
Wessel Minnie –
control review the perfect pace - Control - Review Thread9.2 / 10

In the end, Control delivers a brilliant story that kept me on the edge of my seat for roughly 20 hours. The story pacing is simply fantastic and for every bit of combat and puzzle-solving, there are new mysteries to uncover through environmental storytelling and collectables. Combined with the fantastic story is the combat and movement that feel so incredibly smooth and responsive, making it a near-perfect all-around experience that looks and feels great.

God is a GeekMick Fraser8 / 10

Despite some iffy performance issues and some very frustrating narrative choices, Control's compelling gameplay, excellent combat and dedication to the bizarre make it an easy game to recommend


david poole - Control - Review Thread

David Poole –
review control - Control - Review Thread8 / 10

If you like weird and supernatural games, this one is worth picking up. If you prefer a game with less thought and more action, then it might not be your cup of tea. Even so, there's plenty of intense action in Control.

Handsome Phantom
Dustin Furman –
?p=10505 - Control - Review Thread7.5 / 10

Overall, Control has severe highs and lows. The mix of shooting and power based combat feels great, and features a robust system of mods and upgrades that allow you to customize to how you prefer to play. Additionally, The Oldest House is a unique environment, and is at the core of what makes the premise of the game so intriguing. Unfortunately, it gets in its own way by gating off so much of the details and lore through countless documents and audio logs that break the flow of the game. With an ending that leaves many questions unanswered and plot points unresolved, it leaves players unsatisfied and wondering "is that it?"

HeavyElton Jones8.8 / 10

Control is a pretty impressive third-person action romp that’s held up by a far-out story, strong visuals/audio, and a reliance on telekinetic powers that make combat and exploration all the more interesting.


jonathon dornbush - Control - Review Thread

Jonathon Dornbush – 8.9 / 10

Control is set in an engrossingly weird paranormal world that I couldn’t help but explore.

Just Push StartGrant E. Gaines9.8 / 10

One of the struggles with Control is how to rate it. As amazing that so much of the experience is, more intense fights result in performance issues. And I had more issues figuring out where to go than people did with The Surge, yet I still walked away amazed. Having done hundreds of these reviews for Just Push Start, this is easily one of my favorite experiences and one I still strongly suggest to anyone looking for a unique experience or seeing just how interesting a shooter can be. Sure, it’s not perfect and it absolutely won’t appeal to everyone, but I wouldn’t let these things stop you if you’re remotely interested in what you saw going into Control.

Lewis White –
control review xbox one ps4 pc remedy - Control - Review Thread9 / 10

Control is one of Remedy’s Entertainment’s most inventive and captivating titles yet. For those still bummed out over the disappointing Quantum Break, Remedy has done well to improve on everything that upset players before. There’s more of everything: combat, content, style and story. This is the proud return of Remedy: distanced from the cold grasp of television, this is a full, lengthy title that always entertains.This is one of Remedy’s best.

Merlin'in KazanıErsin KılıçTurkish78 / 100


Control is a interesting experience with the story about other dimensions and supernatural things. But it also fails on that feeling of accomplishment and progression.


diego escala - Control - Review Thread

Diego Escala – 5 / 5

Control is easily one of the best games of the year and has one of the most fascinating worlds I've experienced in a game in years.

New Game NetworkBen Thomas81 / 100

Control offers some of the best combat from Remedy, balancing supernatural abilities with a handy service weapon. Its non-linear twisted levels, populated with varied Hiss enemies, make for an appealing supernatural world. With a better protagonist and some fine-tuning, it could have been truly extraordinary.

Next Gen Base

ben ward - Control - Review Thread

Ben Ward – 9 / 10

Control has some very clear threads going back to Quantum Break, but it’s a game that far surpasses Remedy’s predecessor in many ways. A weird, creepy and wonderful exploration of an environment that has been meticulously crafted, it’s a must-play. Plenty of collectibles and side missions should keep you hooked for long after the final credits roll, and I really hope that this brings Remedy the commercial success that it so obviously deserves.

Noisy PixelAzario Lopez8.5 / 10

Control stretches the imagination of reality and takes the player on an unexpected journey. The developers took a huge chance on their approach to storytelling and their ability to navigate players through new and unique systems and it pays off.

PC GamerJames Davenport88 / 100

Control's thin protagonist and abrupt ending are propped up by an abundance of mystery, wonder, and glorious room-destroying combat.

PC Invasion

steven wong - Control - Review Thread

Steven Wong –
control remedy game review - Control - Review Thread9 / 10

Control is a marvel both story-wise and technologically, with its extensive use of ray tracing technology. Although the gameplay has a few quirks, it's easily one of the best action games to release this year.


phil iwaniuk - Control - Review Thread

Phil Iwaniuk – 9 / 10

A gripping descent into something between alternate history and fever dream, realised beautifully in audiovisual flair, and lacking just slightly in the combat itself.

PCWorld4.5 / 5 stars

Control is the culmination of Remedy's entire oeuvre to-date, pairing a top-tier action game with a dizzyingly dense and layered story about the Federal Bureau of Control, and the everyday horrors within. It's so good, you might even stop asking for Alan Wake 2.

PSX BrasilIvan Nikolai Barkow CastilhoPortuguese85 / 100

Despite its confusing story, Control is a great action adventure game with a varied gameplay. The idea of a weapon being used for all functions, combined with all of Jesse's psychic powers, makes combat work very well. The simplified "metroidvania" style is also very good, making Control to be not so linear.

PlayStation Universe

eric hauter - Control - Review Thread

Eric Hauter – 7 / 10

Remedy's Control might eventually be one of the coolest games on the market, but upon release framerate, balance, and popup issues are so rampant that players are forced to change their style of play to work around the bugs. While Control's world-building, performances, and writing are all superb, the difficulties in actually playing through the game to see all that cool stuff leads to a deep sense of frustration.


dave tach - Control - Review Thread

Dave Tach –

Behold, one of 2019’s best and weirdest games

powerup  - Control - Review ThreadPowerUp!

Leo Stevenson –
control review remedys magnum opus - Control - Review Thread9.4 / 10

It's impeccably designed, masterfully executed and an absolute must-play.

Press StartJames Mitchell9.5 / 10

Control is a slick and stylish win for Remedy, their best work yet. With strong combat, an engaging story and striking visuals, Control is a masterclass in both style and substance. It's abstract, it's bold, and it's wicked fun.

Push Square

liam croft - Control - Review Thread

Liam Croft – 7 / 10

There's no doubting that Control is a good experience, but it's not one that'll go down in the history books. Its explorative and combat-focused gameplay is a major highlight thanks to abilities that give you the chance to get creative, but the unreliable framerate that goes with it puts a stop to the enjoyment far too frequently. This is most definitely worth playing, but that's about as far as any substantial praise can go.

Richard Lee Breslin –
game review control - Control - Review Thread8.5 / 10

Control is most certainly a game worthy of your time and I doubt that you’ll play a better thriller shrouded by mystery this year

Rectify Gaming

dave rodriguez - Control - Review Thread

Dave Rodriguez – 9 / 10

Control represents the best of Remedy's past while pushing their blend of great action and storytelling to new heights.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

brendan caldwell - Control - Review Thread

Brendan Caldwell – Unscored

I can’t overstate the fact that it’s a funny game – funny enough that the humour keeps you going from fight to fight, searching not for the source of your mysterious enemy, or for the answer to all the sub-mysteries surrounding Jesse, but for the next episode of the Threshold Kids.

Saving ContentJustin Celani5 / 5 stars

Fans of single player games who love shows like X-files, Twin Peaks, and the sort,this is a must play. It’s refreshing to get a superbly crafted, story driven game, with no multiplayer and no micro transactions in today’s market. Fans of the genre need to have Control in their sights and I truly hope Remedy has a bonafide success on their hands. Control is one of the weirdest, fascinating, and most intriguing games I’ve ever played, a wild ride for sure. I’ll be there for the future DLC and a sequel if one ever comes.

Screen RantZak Wojnar4.5 / 5 stars

Control is a worthwhile heir to Remedy's past while forging a bright vision for the future.

Slant Magazine

review control serves up mind bending thrills and institutional critique - Control - Review Thread

4.5 / 5 stars

With its everything-but-the-kitchen-sink imagination, Control is as much a thrilling paean to human curiosity as it is a warning of its numerous casualties.

Spiel TimesCaleb Wysor10 / 10

If players give it time, and accept it on its own terms, they’ll find a masterpiece of third person action, physics-based chaos, and bravura visual design lurking under this thick slab of untreated concrete. This isn’t just Remedy’s best game since Max Payne 2. It’s the best game the studio has ever made.

StevivorSteve Wright10 / 10

Control shows not only Remedy’s growth as a studio, but studio head Sam Lake’s as a writer, building and greatly expanding upon concepts started in Alan Wake and flirted with in Quantum Break.

TechRaptorSamuel Guglielmo9 / 10

Control combines a fantastically weird setting with fast paced combat, awesome exploration, and impressively destructible environments. It's an absolute gem of a game. Just make sure you get it on PC or an upgraded console.

The Digital FixYannis Vatis7 / 10

While some technical issues plague this highly atmospheric action adventure, Control has a highly customizable combat system that is fun and addictive to play.

TheSixthAxisAran Suddi9 / 10

Control is one of the best story-focused single player games in years. Its unique mix of surrealism, sci-fi and mystery draws you in, but doesn't give everything away, and the combat is fantastically varied and provides just enough challenge. A culmination of everything that went before, Control is Remedy's magnum opus.

Jade King –
control - Control - Review Thread4 / 5 stars

Control is one of Remedy Entertainment’s greatest achievements. As a shooter, it’s lovingly satisfying to play, as all of its mechanics mesh to create a slick, supernatural explosion of paranormal powers and eclectic gunplay. Combine that with open-ended exploration and the package is nearing excellence. So it’s a shame the narrative can be needlessly muddled, stewing at a slow pace before rocketing towards a conclusion that sadly doesn’t feel earned in the end.


ed mcglone - Control - Review Thread

Ed McGlone –
control review missed potential - Control - Review Thread3.5 / 5

In spite of itself Control still winds up being an enjoyable unique feeling action game that isn’t like anything else on the market right now, and won’t take up a ton of your time.

USgamerMike Williams4 / 5 stars

Control continues the basic formula that Remedy Entertainment has been playing with for all these years—third-person action with a hint of unreality—but it feels like the studio has reached its final form.

Video Chums
Charlie Jackson –
control - Control - Review Thread9.3 / 10

Control is truly unforgettable with loads of ways to play, terrific acting, lots to explore, satisfying gunplay and abilities, and a spectacular world and story to experience.

VideoGamer8 / 10

Control is Remedy at its best: pulpy, weird, and immensely satisfying to play. Its setting is a potent concoction of '60s brutalist style and wacky sci-fi. Performance issues hamper the shootouts, and the characters are a little cold, but it's the setting and atmosphere that win the day.

WccftechAlessio Palumbo8 / 10

Control features Remedy's most original setting yet, the studio's most open-ended game environment yet and great action combat that makes you feel like a badass. The game also stands out on PC as one of the finest examples of real-time ray tracing to date. It shouldn't be passed upon by any action/adventure game fans, even if it's not quite a masterpiece.The links above are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, may earn from qualifying purchases.

We Got This CoveredDylan Chaundy2 / 5 stars

Thanks to poor "bigger is better" design choices, technical gaffes, obtuse exploration, a bromidic narrative, and zero atmosphere, Control is soul-crushingly disappointing, and a mere shadow of the studio's far superior Alan Wake.

Kieran Stockton –
control review - Control - Review Thread8 / 10

Control's unique multi-dimensional setting and quirky sci-fi tone make for a good time, even when the combat doesn't quite rise to the same level

Windows CentralBrendan Lowry3.5 / 5 stars

Though it has an excellent foundation, Control never truly achieves greatness. It's a solid game, but not a title that will wow most players.

Wolf's Gaming Blog

baden ronie - Control - Review Thread

Baden Ronie –
control review game of the year - Control - Review Thread5 / 5

Control is truly brilliant, a bona fide contender for the Game of the Year crown. It boasts great performances, a strong story, a detailed and intriguing world and superb gameplay. It has issues, and the narrative’s vagueness might irritate as many people as it impresses, but ultimately a review is all about a personal experience and I utterly adored and loved every damn minute of Control. Right now it is my game of the year. Whether it can stay there given the quality of the game’s to come in 2019 remains to be seen, but you need to play this one.

Worth Playing

chris atom deangelus - Control - Review Thread

Chris "Atom" DeAngelus – 8 / 10

Control is a fun follow-up to the sort of weird surreality from Alan Wake without being a direct story sequel. It has distinctive visuals, a dark sense of humor, lots of fourth-wall breaking, and enjoyable combat. If you're looking for a shooter with its own sense of style and a solid amount of content, look no further than Control. Just don't start getting paranoid about why your controller wasn't where you last saw it….

Xbox AchievementsDan Webb85 / 100

Control is another absolute hit from Remedy, one that delivers from both a gameplay and narrative perspective. One of the generation's most intriguing game worlds and almost perfect pacing, the only thing that holds Control back from being an all-time classic is its unfortunate and frustrating technical issues.

Anthony Mann –
9.5 / 10

Just know that Control is one of the best games of 2019, and if you like weird games, third person shooters, exploration, 3D platforming, or just Remedy, you need to pick this game up.

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