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Gamingtodaynews1g - Corepunk 24 JANUARY DISCORD QA RECAP

I would like to thank MALGOLATH for his time and effort in creating this.


Q: Do you intend to publish the game in Portuguese?

A: Portuguese speaking community is one of our key languages and we're working hard to bring support for it, even at this stage in development.

Q: Do you guys feel confident about hitting that Q4 2020 (calendar) date?

A: We're doing our best. But we won't show it till it is done. I mean when it is polished enough.

Q: Have you ever had to sacrifice a feature you REALLY, REALLY didn't want to give up to keep a game in budget or meet a deadline?

A: A ton

Q: Do you guys plan on adding linux support? and if not, will the game make use of tools like EAC that often break playing on linux through wine?

A: We would love to have a build on linux but right now we're focused on Win, our primary build. We can do it easily in theory but in practice there's a lot of details

Q: Has Corepunk changed from the original plan/vision/design?

A: In a way, the game evolves constantly while we see it better but overall initial vision stayed the same through these years

Q: Will there be one server or multiples ones?

A: multiple servers

Q: How many people will the server support?

A: we still have internal tests, but our goal is to have thousands of players on one server. We'll be able to tell more after the first public tests.

Q: The best-looking cosmetics will be those received by progressing in the game or those than come from "other $ources"?

A: I would say that both high end skins you can buy and high end skins you can get in the game are somewhat similar but they will not intersect. You wont be able to buy most or all the skins you'll earn in the game. So people will know guys with hard earned skins.

Q: Can we get date of this "big many hours stream" a little bit closer like month for example if not specific date :D?

A: I think we'll do it this spring

Q: How many stages of Closed Beta are you going to have before Open Beta?

A: We'll inform you once we approach Closed Beta.

Other Info Not Tied to Specific Questions

A: Game Resolution depends on your monitor and video card, but 4K will be available.

A: We haven’t decided on a monetization method yet, it’s still being discussed. We’ll decide the best one for our game soon and let you know ASAP.


Q: How will the game deal with story-telling in quests? will it be like early wow where each quest has its own storyline and you jut move from one questline to another or will it have a regular campaign like more modern mmos?

A: There will me a main quest, and a lot of other storylines. Similar to WoW but we're adding non linearity and various endings

Q: We know that we will have 4 cultures in the game, are these cultures enemies? Will we have a choice of faction?

A: Our cultures are not at war. But smaller factions can be. You can join them or their foes along your quest lines and pick for yourself whom to help

Q: What’s the size of the map? For example, compare it to the world of WoW.

A: The world will be really big. I wouldn’t wan to draw comparisons with other worlds, but I can say that it will indeed be massive.

Q: Are there going to be flying mounts?

A: There will be no flying mounts, as well as no teleports between locations. There will be public transport available for traveling.

Q: Are there going to be other means of transportation similar to the train? As in other forms of public transport to get to other places.

A: There will be mounts, taxis and circulating transport like trains.

Q: Are most items unique, or are they randomly generated using an item level system?

A: Randomly generated but guided random

Q: What is the player cap on raiding?

A: Still working on that

Q: Is an option for WASD Movement planned or in development?

A: We don't have plans to do WASD movement

Q: Is there gonna by any additional systems/event happening night-only?

A: We thought about spawning different mobs at night but it is not confirmed yet. We like the idea

Q: Are starting locations are separated by factions or by heroes?

A: It is more about factions than heroes.

Q: Will i drown in the ocean if i dont use the lifejacket in the quest in the trailer?

A: No, you can freely swim everywhere

Q: Regarding the artifacts, in the video you show 1 item that increases attack speed, if you put 2 it accumulates. Or, we will have items for rarity that the Legendary is better than the Rare to increase the speed for example.

A: There is rarity and rare items give higher stat. There's soft cap, hard cap and diminishing on some stats

Q: So i wanted to ask if Raids are going to be super hard like wildstar/wow or are they going to be casually so everyone can clear it (even on the highest difficulty)

A: Raid content is inspired by classic WoW a lot. It won't be easy

Q: What is your take on fog of war, are there gonna be bushes like in lol. height differences limiting vision etc.

A: We don't have such plans. Bushes is a nice feature for MOBA games with a small map. But for the MMORPGs open world they are not a good solution.

Q: Are there going to be artifact sets (like you get 3 of the set and get a bonus stat)?

A: Yes, we will have sets with bonus stats and not only stats

Q: Do you have to click for every move? Or can you simply hold mouse1 to move?

A: You can click each time or you can press and hold the mouse

Q: What do you guys have in mind for guild content?

A: We don't want to spoil it right now, more info later

Q: You said you’re going to encourage people joining together into guilds, how?

A: through interesting guild content 😉 We’ll present it later.

Q: Will there be rewards for map exploration? If so, what would they entail?

A: There might be but at the bare minimum you can find great hidden farming spots. Mobs resources etc

Q: Are puzzles going to be a frequent occurance in dungeons? They keep things fun and interesting.

A: We'll try to make all dungeons fun and difficult

Q: Is trade market going to be different for every city or unified?

A: Unified.

Q: What will be the system behind banks, different for every city or unified?

A: Unified with access from each settlement.

Q: Will you be able to place markers on the map for you group?

A: Yes.

Q: How is the best gear going to be earned (crafting, PvP, PvE)?

A: You“ll be able to get the best gear through crafting, high level PvE and PvP. All of the methods will produce the best items with enough effort.

Q: Are there going to be extremely rare items which only a few players can posess?

A: There will be legendary weapons and artifacts, some of which only less than a dozen of players will be able to receive.

Q: Will you be able to solo all content of the game?

A: You’ll be able to gear up solo no worse than you would in a group, but it’d take more time. You wouldn’t be able to solo all of it, though. For example, raids aren’t supposed to be soloable.

Q: How well implemented in the customization system? Will you be able to make a visually unique character through costumes and other options?

A: Customization is one of our core features, we plan that every player will be able to look how they want. Each subculture has its own style in everything, including skins.

Q: Are there going to be elite mobs on locations with random goodies?

A: You’ll be able to encounter a lot of unpredictable thing at the location, including elite mobs with special loot.

Q: Are mobs going to drop treasure maps?

A: We don’t have this system yet, but it doesn’t sound bad.

Q: Additional Artifact Information?

A: Artifacts will have stats they boost + abilities. There are many of them, not just 20 or so, and you have to pick. Plus each will have some variations on drop. They can be locked (to a character) in the future, but it’s not in place rn. There are some that benefit a character more than others, but all characters can wear all artifacts. Artifacts will have random stats on craft/drop.


Other Info Not Tied to Specific Questions

A: All characters will have a lot of skins. For example, last concept art shows a Champion, he can have a Faiden skin (samurai), as well as a Quadarri one (cyborg). It’ll be the same with a robot character, he might have skins as upgrades, but also visuals that differ in style and form completely.

A: Of course we have group quests, but we don’t want to harm the solo player. They’ll be able to have the same progress the group will, but it’ll take more time and effort.

A: Optimization: Similar to WoW. There are channels, but you won’t be able to switch between them (not sure about this one, he’s probably meant something like sharding)


Q: Will player character abilities cost resources or just have cooldown timers?

A: Cooldowns and mana

Q: Is it confirmed that the 4 base abilities (QWER abilities) of a hero are permanent or will we be able to upgrade or replace them with hero specific skills as we progress in the game?

A: Yes, you'll have a total of up to 15 abilities and most of them are from artifacts and weapon

Q: Can we change between the 3 specs all the time, or will it cost? Will there be a way to reset points invested in the differents talents/specs?

A: You can reset points invested in talents. You will be able to switch between 3 specs, but to have all 3 specs on one hero wont be easy task…

Q: How big of a role does Active ability artifacts play in core punk, are they complementary and less important like in league of legends or do they serve as actual strong abilities? Could you give any examples?

A: The active abilities on the artifacts will play a significant role, but of course they will not be as strong as the main hero's abilities. Also, if you choose an artifact with an active ability, then you sacrifice some other stats on this artifact. Make a decision wisely

Q: On a previous Q&A session, we've been told you were discussing about adding a summoner hero to Corepunk. Any decision about this ?

A: We don't want to spoil anything

Q: Will the game be traditional in locking in your character role, for example if you choose Tank, that is what you're? Or can you switch?

A: Specs will allow to dramatically change your hero's behavior. It will be easier to start with a new character but for folks who like to push their char to the limit you can get most skills in all 3 specs

Q: Can you give us a concrete example of one of the unique hero mechanics (center UI element)?

A: One of the magician's specializations is fire. Its unique mechanics is that every time he casts ability he heats up, if he heats himself up to 100%, then the magician starts to burn and does AOE damage around himself, but the magician also takes this damage. While the magician burns, his skills become much stronger.

Q: How does the taunt system work? Do the tank specs generate more aggro with their attacks or do we just press a taunt skill and good to go?

A: To be a good tank, taunt only wont be enough, you will have to deal with a serious agro-management.

Q: What are the key differences you’re planning between supports and healer?

A: In our understanding, heal is also support class, but if you want to focus on the healing of other players, you really have to focus on the build and artifacts for the healer. Otherwise, you will not be able to heal as effectively as the specialized class. At the same time there will be characters with enough control and the ability to strengthen other players, who can act as pure support classes, we plan to make them very useful due to their utility.

Q: What kid of weapons are going to be present in the game and are they going to be connected to the characters? (Bows, sniper rifles, swords, machine guns)?

A: Corepunk has basically all the types of weaponry, each hero will be able to use only the specific types of weapons in each specialization.

Q: Are there going to be stealth classes, or, considering the fog of war, it’s not that needed?

A: There won’t be permanent stealth, only short duration.

Q: Are there going to be shapeshifters or pets?

A: We have a very interesting shapeshifter hero. I’m a fan of them myself. There will be heroes with pets, too.


Q: Is there going to be a limit on the amount of professions per character?

A: Yes, it will be limited.

Q: How many professions are there (a carpenter, a miner, etc.)?

A: 4 gathering and 4 crafting professions, not including fishing, cooking and social professions.

Other Info Not Tied to Specific Questions

A: Our plan is to make the world big enough for solo players to “farm” in the distant lands, away from the main population. We call these lands Wastelands. We have a profession for searching different devices in the world of Corepunk.

A: Social professions are professions focused on interaction between players, for example, if you're a hitman, you can pick up hits from another players. We'll talk more about social professions later.


Q: How will turning on/off PvP work, when can you be targeted by other players?

A: Turning off pvp mode is for you not to accidentally hit someone. But you can be targeted at all times for players with pvp on.

Q: Will repeatedly killing the same player trigger Honor Point diminishing returns?

A: Sure there would be exploit preventers as such

Q: What are the player caps in Arena and Battlegrounds? 2v2, 10v10 etc.

A: We're still working on em but there would be various kinds of them.

Q: Will it be rewarding to be a PKer? There’s alot of punishment to it and as of now I don’t see much point in being a PKer at all. Some kind of point system with chosen rewards or drops? What will drive people to get involved in open world pvp??

A: Karma system was introduced to protect weak players from ganks. We do not want to encourage the killing of the weak. However, pvp with your equal lvl opponents will be encouraged through the Honor Points system. You can get the strongest artifacts through pvp

Q: Can you please elaborate on the "strongest artifacts from PvP" comment?

A: Strongest artifacts from PvP – mean that in PvP activity it will be possible to get artifacts no worse than in other game activities

Q: How likely is that the game might end up abandoning the PvP focus, get rid of the Karma system and focus on more PvE to reach a broader audience?

A: It won't happen. And I'd like to point out that Corepunk is not a PvP focused game. It is balanced in that way. Both PvP and PvE players will find enough content to get lost in the game.

Q: Will the game have something like a war between factions or guilds and if that happen, how big gonna be that wars?

A: Guilds can declare war to other guilds

Q: Is there going to be a killboard? PvP ratings and such?

A: There will be a rating system for many activities, including PvP.

Q: What's the combat system like in terms of lvl and equipment difference? (For example, will I be able to kill several less equipped players if I’m geared and leveled?)

A: In Corepunk, the result of a battle or a duel heavily depends on the player’s skill, but if we’re only taking gear score into consideration, with equal skill one MUCH better geared character will be able to kill several enemies of the same level.

6.Other Info Not Tied to Specific Questions

A: We have a plan to implement sieges and guild wars, but it’ll only be implemented in Open Beta.

A: If a killed character drops an item, you can pick it up, but only if it isn’t soulbound. If it is soulbound, on pick up it will be taken apart into materials.

A: Yes, you can be ganked when leaving a dungeon, be cautious!

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