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Craving a little Prius Online

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So a long long time ago, Prius Online/Anima Redux was released and discontinued by gpotato which is a total bummer bc I’ve got a serious Prius binge craving!

For those that are unfamiliar with the game, it was an MMO set in a high fantasy realm with cartoony (almost anime-esque) graphics. Much to the dismay of some, all classes were race and gender locked (each race had two classes and each gender could be one of those two classes – except for a female only race which had one class) and each class had two sub-class specializations to choose at like lvl 20.

There were some components that are pretty typical in MMOs now that are considered sub-par (daily dungeons, quest hub cities that move you from area to area, I’m sure a cash shop bc f2p but I never noticed any impact to my enjoyment of the game) but it was a really fun game. One of the most unique features that I’ve actually only seen implemented in this game is the concept of a three character system. This meant that as you were playing the game, you were essentially controlling three different entities to help you play.

The first was obviously your character – a prestigious and powerful character that mastered combat and magical arts. Your second character you met early on, and was a driving facet in your characters story and lore – this was your anima; she was a tiny female sprite (that always had a huge curly hairdo for my characters) that was controlled by an AI that you customized on a scale of active-inactive and dependent- independent. These designations would determine if our anima would buff, rebuff, attack, heal and what crafting/trade skill/ad hoc skills they would have. To boot, your anima was accompanied by a tragic history of the world and her involvement in that history.

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The third character was your Gigas. Essentially, your gigas was your Zord that you mastered during a number of different events (quests, etc). A certain resource meter would charge during battle and you could activate it to temporarily summon and control your gigas as if it were your primary character. It actually reminds me a lot of Summons from FFVIII. This was special bc you could acquire different gigas and it wasn’t a hand holding process to find and acquire them. A very cool added depth to the game.

There was also a cool mount system that couldn’t be bought and had to be acquired similar to Gigas. Overall, the story was just riveting and it created a sense that you wanted to re-run dungeons for the story (and for the rare loot duh!). The dungeons were challenging and resulted in wipes – and I never played at the very end of the game so idk f there even was raid content.

Anyone know if there is a game out there like this or a private server in the works? I may have just wanted to write this out for a pure sense of nostalgia, but if there’s a server I’m missing somewhere I’d love to know!

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