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Crazy Idea #1 for A New MMORPGs – Rollercoaster Tycoon!

Gamingtodaynews1g - Crazy Idea #1 for A New MMORPGs - Rollercoaster Tycoon!

Overall, I've been a pretty light-duty MMO player over the years. I played quite a bit of SWG (pre CU), WoW (first 4 years), and a little Guild Wars. But I'm not a big fan of hack-and-slash, shoot-em-up, combat-based grinding. I enjoyed pursuing non-combat options, like crafting and working the in-game economy. As a result, most MMOs just don't really scratch my particular itch.

So, just for fun, here's one MMO idea I *wish* someone would develop:

Rollercoaster Tycoon (or other IP) Theme Park Builder

  • Overview: The game focuses on building a theme park with other players from around the world. Select from many jobs, such as ride technician, entertainer, or park-goer. Help build and maintain massive attractions, keep the park clean and efficient, market the park to potential attendees, etc.
  • The World: Each park area would function like a city in other MMOs. Many pre-built park areas would initially be available where low-level players can grind up their skills. But ultimately, players can group together and start their own park from scratch. The players then have free reign to design their park as they see fit. (SWG parallel: This would look similar to how pre-made cities exist all over, but Politician-class players had the ability to establish their own player-built city). Players could travel between parks using the monorail system. Maybe there could even be a resort complex? Hmm…
  • Idea)s for Classes:
    • Tycoon: Your class is the one that purchases the land and establishes the player-built park. You have direct control over ticket prices, taxes, leasing out parcels of land to other players for their rides, etc. Your skills may affect how much you can mark up ticket prices based on how many attractions are in your park (higher levels grant higher mark-ups, etc.).
    • Ride Designer: Your class actually builds the rides in a park. A new ride designer might start out building teacup rides or kid's trains, but you can level up in design to gain access to better ride types/components. You can grind training quests in VR designer suites to gain some of the experience, but must build smaller, simpler to gain some of it. Eventually, you can specialize into masteries such as Rollercoaster Designer, Flat Ride Designer, Theater Designer, etc.
    • Park guest: This class is responsible for patronizing the park and the rides. Grinding will look like you entering a park with a certain amount of cash and stamina (CAS), and trying to efficiently spend all that CAS "experiencing" the park. Increased skill levels grant you more CAS. Rides might contain mini-games that you can succeed or fail at, affecting your CAS spending. For example, a rollercoaster might have a minigame where you have to maintain your equilibrium. If you win, yay, but if you lose, you "toss your cookies," resulting in less reward for your ride experience and a mess for maintenance-class players to clean. Your class will generate waste in the form of trash, puke, and dirty bathrooms. Ride designers and Tycoons would benefit from your successful interactions with their rides and their park in general. Eventually, you can specialize into masteries such as Season Pass Holder (offering discounts on prices and access to fast-passes for rides) and Influencer (offering bonuses that synergize with Marketing-class players).
    • Entertainers: You are the buffing-class of the game. You grant Park Guests buffs to their experience. Useful buffs may be against nausea on rides, or increasing a park guests' ability to spend money faster and more efficiently. You wear a costume and dance in the walkways. Eventually, you can specialize into masteries such as Show Performer (which produce increase buffs when performing in the designated area or a show building) or Licensed Character (which appeals more to specific park guests and requires the player to be more specific in how they perform to match the character, but results in a lot more reward).
    • Marketers: One of the biggest aspects of this game will be getting park guests to actually come visit your park. This player class will be in charge of marketing to the online audience via an in-game mechanism. This will draw other players to their park instance, and will also bring their cash.
    • Inspectors: This would be the "pirate" class of the game. Your job is to find successful player parks, infiltrate, and surprise them with inspections of their rides and attractions. You would be able to levy fines against the player(s) who own the attractions and/or the park itself for rides that aren't properly maintained, and maybe even shut down offending rides for a finite amount of time. Obviously, this role's power would be subject to a "within reason" clause, and maybe there's some benefit to the inspections that might lead to other players *encouraging* you to come inspect their park (such as a free, temporary boost in marketing for rides that recently passed inspection).
    • And more…: Maintenance-class players would be in charge of keeping up the park's appearance and cleaning up after guests and inspectors. Guest Services players may help design the park layout and increase efficiency of rides, etc. There are a lot of classes that might come into play here.

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