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Crowfall BETA Appreciation Post

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I've played MMOs since 2004, I love the genre. I've been playing a game for the last 2 years, every day, and you've probably never heard of it. The game is called Crowfall. It's a sandbox MMO that's based on conquest and throne wars. I've brought the game to this subreddit a few times but it's reception has been mixed in the past, mostly due to the game's place in it's development.

I feel the game is in it's best state it's been in currently. I am hoping to have an open discussion about the game here and answer any questions people might have. It's a small game, I would love it more people played- so I can fight them or farm with them. I also have 20+ buddy codes I would be willing to share so people can check the game out for free (shoot me a message).

No I don't work for the developers, I just love the game and wish it had a larger population so I am taking some time to type this up, answer some questions here and spread the word!

What makes it different?

-In the guild vs guild rule set, if you're not in my guild I can fight you and if I win I can chop your head off and keep it as a trophy.

-The combat feels like a refreshing mix of BDO and WOW where fights are a battle of skill vs a battle of who has the best gear.

-If I want to control a map, I start claiming territory but not only can I burn your castle down and claim it as my own, I can build it back up by choosing buildings I want that give my guild buffs.


-Seamless transitions between PVP and harvesting without switching around a bunch of gear.

-There are servers (worlds) that you can connect to independently and you're never locked from your friends. You don't to pay for server transfers group up with friends.

-The community has started arranging PVP tournaments with prizes and a recap video highlighting the winning team.

For a sample of the game's PVP and the tournament check out this video:

-The game has an extensive crafting and gathering system that includes the Necromancy system. FOr this profession you can dig up parts and assemble your own upgrade to your character. Your soul, or Crow as they call it, can jump from vessel to vessel becoming more powerful.

-You can create your own private worlds, called "Eternal Kingdoms" that is like their take on player housing. In this world, you can create the land/buildings/walls/forts/PVP arenas or jump puzzles- any way you want. It's all customizable.

I am a long time backer of Crowfall, it was a huge Kickstarter success. Be sure to check it out and I would love to talk about it. I was lost looking for a new MMO when I quit WOW, maybe I can help you get into a new PVP MMO! -Bzra

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