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Cyberpunk 2077’s OST is unlike anything I’ve experienced before [Storyline Spoilers]

Gamingtodaynews1e - Cyberpunk 2077's OST is unlike anything I've experienced before [Storyline Spoilers]

I know people have mixed feelings about the game, but I just want to talk about the OST. To lay it out, first off, every radio station in the game contains a dozen or more songs that were made by real-life artists just for the game. And they are quality songs with millions of hits on YouTube or Spotify. Cooler yet, most of them have lyrics about the Night City or the game world. When I hear the songs even outside of the game, it immediately brings back memories from playing through it. Artists making songs for a game is not new, but I've never seen it at this scale, nor the songs being about the game world and NPC characters who are fictitious versions of the real life artist.

Another thing obviously, is Refused <–> Samurai. AKA the real life band Refused provided an album for the fictitious Cyberpunk 2077 band, Samurai. Several main NPCs in the game are members of the band.

Another thing to touch on is the remixes and covers of some of the songs in the game. For example Samurai has a song called

, the vocalist of the band, Kerry Eurodyne, goes on to do his own solo career after the band splits up, he has a great cover of the same song:


This last part won't be articulated the best, but themes/stories/characters in the game are also related to some of these songs. There are a lot of different themes repeatedly touched on in the game that all can't be explained, but Samurai has another great song,

, there are various remixes and covers of these song used throughout the game too,


. You notice the Remix 2 is a lot darker and depressing sounding. The lyrics in the song seem to be about Johnny's relationship with Alt. It touches on the Soulkiller AI which digitally copies your mind to a "Relic". I don't want to get into interpreting the meaning of some of the lyrics, but a remix of the song is touched on at parts of some of the endings, V, the player character, also sings it in one of the endings. In this ending the chip containing Johnny Silverhand was removed, but the surgery wasn't a success – V learns the illness is terminal and now has some cognitive deficiencies.

In the main story, V inserts a Relic containing Johnny Silverhand's conscousness. The Relic is rewriting their body chemistry to make the body habitable for the Relic. In another one of the endings (Temperance), V sacrifices their body for Johnny. The OST for this ending is a variant of the Never Fade Away, it's called New Dawn Fades.

There are a few times throughout the game where it deals with a death or suicide theme, and bits of this OST are played throughout. There is a very important side quest where you visit Johnny's Grave, I think it's probably the most important mission in the whole game, I don't get why it's only a side quest, but it plays there: Another character, Evelyn commits suicide in a side mission of the game and it also plays there (warning, kind of graphic):

On a more uplifting note, many of the main characters, or at least the once you can romance, each have their own OST and variations of it that play throughout the game. Judy Alvarez has a song

(Laguna Bend was her home town that was flooded after a corporation built a dam and forced everyone out). She takes you scuba diving there in a mission, with an underwater remix, and at one point


And last is one cool thing, buskers in the game and characters who simply grab a guitar to jam play covers of some of the songs in the game, Johnny playing

. The actual

is actually an important part of Kerry's questline, since it's 'garbage' J-Pop kind of stuff and he's a rocker.

Anyway, I was completely blown away by all of this stuff. I've never seen an OST in a game, show or movie do half of this stuff before and thought it was pretty incredible.

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