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Dark age of camelot is pretty sweet

Gamingtodaynews1b - Dark age of camelot is pretty sweet

Hey so I posted here last weekend about dark of camelot, but the post like disappeared. I was answering questions and stuff about it. I dunno what happened. This is gonna end up as like a meme at this point. A few weeks back a buddy of mine tried getting me into this game. I don't really play MMOs anymore, the two of used to be really into WoW untill the Pandlanda expansion when we finally jumped ship. We were serious 2v2 Arena players, especially in Wotlk. my friend is all begging me to play this old school mmo. He's saying this mmo's got the best mmo pvp ever. im like yeah w/e . I'm usually pretty much down to try different mmos, last MMO i think we even played for more than a month was Archeage. That game went to hell fast. So I get everything downloaded and installed and then I just double facepalm. The graphics looked straight outta playstation 1. Then I see the UI and its even worse lol. Like the worst UI you've ever seen in an mmo. My friend then tells me the game was designed for 800×600 monitors, trying to excuse the piss poor UI. The character movement was stiffer than a week old corpse. So I gave it a shot and I'm actually still playing.

Here I am outside of Camelot. I'm not even in the picture though. We're on Albion. It's like being Alliance in WoW. There's two other realms Midgard, which is like the Horde. Then there is Hibernia which is like Keebler elves and leprechauns and stuff. The realms are locked in some dark ages war or something. We're running through Camelot Hills with 6 others just slaughtering snakes and wolves and bandits. Like old times in Elwynn Forest. I think I got to level 15 or so that first day. Theres literally like 40 classes in this game. I went with Paladin. Didn't care to read the backstory on the classes.

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Getting my first armor set crafted at the anvil in Camelot City after I reached level 50. We look like were LARPing. Took me about two weeks of playing a ton to hit 50. Lot of my guild mates are still leveling. The leveling zones are packed, and prolly like half the server population does pve. I did a bunch of group leveling, but theres quests you can do. It's that like collect 10 jaguar claws crap you'd find in most MMOs. Love that guys turqoise boots. You can dye your gear different colors which I thought was sweet. Guildmate crafted the armor set for me, then I got it enchanted with a bunch of stats.

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Doing my first and only dragon raid. The raiding is nuts. Not like in a challenging way, but its chaos. Went out to this forest with like legit 200 other players to fight this dragon boss. Guy looked like Onyxia's brother. He deep breathed me and instakilled me. I freaking lost connection while I was facedown dead, and it sent me back to my hearthstone spot. It was total bs. I didn't get to loot the boss, but I got this raid currency. If you don't win any loot in the raids through rolls, you can use this feather currency to buy the raid items instead. So I'm just doing that since I get out rolled everytime.


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This is us in Caer Sidi. It kinda reminded me of Karazhan. Not half as cool, but instead of 25 man. This was like 250man. . Mobs of players running back and forth and players collapsing all over. Theres no cap on the raids so basically anyone can enter them. Its cool in a sense cause nobody gets left out, and you get raid currency just for helping out. I have no history of seizures, but if I do have one, it will be in Caer Sidi. There is so much particle spam and flashing colors its more of a rave than dungeon raid.

This is Carla. We go on adventures.

I went to the Frontiers. I got stampeded by Midgard. Frontiers is like open world PvP zones with castles and forts you fight over against the other two realms. There's 100v100v100 battles apparently. I haven't really done this stuff too much. My guilds putting together a pvp group so we can take some names and pillage some village. I'm sort of focused on PvE for now and helping with the guild house.

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This is the guild house. There are neighborhoods of houses. It goes on and on. Theres like mansions too. Our guild logo or emblem or whatever is retarded. Our guild leader likes to say its the infinity gauntlet, but the colors are all wrong. makes no sense, but what the hell. Inside theres a bunch of trophies from pve kills. theres likes frog statue by the fireplace. were still working on fixing it up.

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The server is popping, like 4,000 players on weekends, but you kinda got to follow a guide to get into this though. I ended up getting a new UI and some software that helped tidy up the graphics. made a huge difference for me. I discovered there's updated character models you can use, but I like to use the late 1990s ones to keep it real. The movement and controls are still totally wack. you can't even like keybind your abilities in the options menu, you gotta type commands to bind stuff. The game itself is kinda like WoW was pre-tbc, just way more raw and open world. There is so much bogus stuff. I could write paragraphs about it, but I'm digging how much customization there is for the classes, the realm community, and just how theres a world you get to journey across. The chat channels are way active. World just feels alive, peeps running all over. I'm told the PvP is lit, so I am looking forward to that as well. You rank up through open world pvp, its not like battlegrounds. There are some low level battlegrounds though i've seen. So yeah maybe I'll see some of you in camelot. Oh and btw I went on another dragon raid. Ill make post about it elsewhere. It was amazing for all the wrong reasons.

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