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Days Gone – Review Thread

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Game Title: Days Gone


  • PlayStation 4 (Apr 25, 2019)


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Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – 71 average – 48% recommended

Critic Reviews

acg - Days Gone - Review Thread

jeremy penter - Days Gone - Review Thread

Jeremy Penter –

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Attack of the FanboyWilliam Schwartz4 / 5 stars

Days Gone offers a dangerous and desolate world full of bad things and bad people. if you're willing to put up with some shortcomings the reward is one of the best open-world zombie apocalypse games to date.


preston dozsa - Days Gone - Review Thread

Preston Dozsa – 6.5 / 10

Days Gone is an above average open-world game that is brought down by a weak first act, poor shooting, and a lot of technical issues.

Paul Sullivan –
days gone review - Days Gone - Review Thread80 / 100

Is it an excellent open world game? Not quite. Is it worth playing? Oh yeah. The gorgeous and well-built environment is a treat, and the mechanical twists on the Sony’s first party formula make Days Gone a nice spring surprise.

Critical HitAlessandro Barbosa6.5 / 10

Days Gone has moments where it reveals its brilliance, but they're buried under a litany of uninteresting and repetitive missions and numerous technical issues.

Daily DotAJ Moser2 / 5 stars

The apocalypse has never been more aimless than in Days Gone

Daily StarRebecca Stow5 / 5 stars

Post-apocalyptic Oregon is clearly a place developer Bend Studio have thought a lot about, and crafted with tremendous amounts of care and attention to detail.

DestructoidChris Carter6 / 10

Days Gone ups the open world survival ante but doesn't have enough cash to pay for the rest of the rounds of betting, making it one of the weirdest AAA releases in recent memory. If enough people buy it, its stronger moments will likely be immortalized in YouTube videos for years to come. Yet, most people will probably remember it as the open world zombie game that didn't bring much mechanically to the table. With some tweaks to the pacing, it could have reconciled its warm, frank look at humanity and been something special.

Digital Trends
Steven Petite –
days gone review - Days Gone - Review Thread2.5 / 5 stars

Days Gone is a generic open world zombie fest riddled with tedium and performance issues.

Digitally Downloaded4 / 5 stars

For its strengths and its faults, I kept finding myself drawn back to the game’s evocative narrative all the way through.

Easy AlliesBrandon Jones

Standing out from the ravenous zombie genre, Days Gone brings a lot of heart and massive open-world freaker hordes. It's ambitious in the length of its campaign and the size of its map, but some things just don't work as they should. *Review Copy Provided by PlayStation

EurogamerMalindy HetfeldNo Recommendation / Blank

A frequently gorgeous, sadly generic open-world game that runs out of steam well before its extended play-time is over.

Gadgets 360Rishi Alwani6 / 10

As it stands, Days Gone is a flawed PS4 exclusive that delivers less than what we've come to expect from an open-world game in 2019. There's fun to be had here, but it's layered with so much busywork that playing it feels like a chore more often than not.

Game InformerMatthew Kato7.8 / 10

Surviving the zombie throngs can be a thrilling experience, but the story and open-world structure come in second

Game RantAnthony Taormina4 / 5 stars

Days Gone offers a lot of excitement when facing off against its Freaker hordes as Deacon St. John, but some generic open world elements and gameplay hold it back.

GameSpewKim Snaith9 / 10

Don’t write Days Gone off as “just another generic open world game”; it’s so much more than that.

Kallie Plagge –
1900 6417130 - Days Gone - Review Thread5 / 10

Days Gone has its exciting moments, but it fails to say anything interesting or meaningful about its story and characters.


cade onder - Days Gone - Review Thread

Cade Onder – 6.5 / 10

As it stands, Days Gone isn't some abomination but it's not up to par with what we expect from a Sony first party game. It has significant redeemable qualities to be found in its story but still fails to deliver a tight, focused narrative without loads of extra fat or a compelling enough gameplay experience.


rami bououd - Days Gone - Review Thread

Rami Bououd – French6 / 10

For sure, Days Gone have a good story and characters that are pleasant to follow. But missions and gameplay are too repetitive, AI is too silly, bugs and freezes too frequent (even on PS4 Pro) to have us considering it as a fully enjoyable game. Too bad.

GamesRadar+Leon Hurley3.5 / 5 stars

Days Gone is a keen and engaging open world zombie adventure despite some issues.

Gaming NexusRandy Kalista8 / 10

It took a few hours to get under my skin. But now that I've gotten into a rhythm with its post-apocalyptic horror-survivalist aspects, Days Gone puts on a good little self-serious road drama.

GamingTrendBryan Lawver60 / 100

Days Gone features some potentially interesting community-building mechanics and the appeal of a bikers vs. zombies game is hard to ignore, but it never lets its best ideas take center stage. Instead, it focuses on lackluster combat and a repetitive set of missions. It moves along on the kind of momentum that exists almost by default in big open world packed with activities, but I could never get fully engaged, partly due to its dragging pace, scattershot story, off-putting protagonist, and frequent bugs.


keith stuart - Days Gone - Review Thread

Keith Stuart –
3 / 5 stars

This is a game of fun and fury – it’s thrilling at times, but it signifies nothing.

hardcore gamer - Days Gone - Review ThreadHardcore Gamer

Kevin Dunsmore –
?post type=post&p=329643 - Days Gone - Review Thread4 / 5

Like the winding roads of Farewell Wilderness that contain both serenity and danger, Days Gone is a journey with a winding range of emotions.


Hobby ConsolasÁlvaro AlonsoSpanish87 / 100

Days Gone might be one of the most entertaining survival games we've ever played. It presents a strong narrative and systems that make the game always unpredictable. It may not be a "must have", but it sure is a damn fun video game.


lucy obrien - Days Gone - Review Thread

Lucy O'Brien –
days gone review - Days Gone - Review Thread6.5 / 10

Fun in small bursts, but Days Gone's repetition, bland world, and meandering story make for an unremarkable ride.

Merlin'in KazanıAhmet ÖzçilingirTurkish77 / 100

I played Days Gone, I thought that if Sony Bend Studio had more time to develop this game, it could be something way better than this product, even one of the best games of this generation.

Metro GameCentral6 / 10

A peculiarly constructed open world zombie game that sidelines its most unique features in favour of generic action and unengaging storytelling.

New Game NetworkAlex Varankou66 / 100

Days Gone is a fairly typical open world post apocalyptic survival title that offers a few memorable mechanics and story beats, but is eventually consumed by genre clichés. Poor technical performance further hinders its chances of survival, but perhaps with time that wound will heal.

Next Gen Base

ben ward - Days Gone - Review Thread

Ben Ward – 8.5 / 10

If you tore chunks out of Dying Light, Far Cry, The Last of Us, Sons of Anarchy and a bunch of other open-world titles then threw them all into a blender, you’d probably end up with something akin to Days Gone. It’s a game with lots to enjoy, a ton of world to explore and some sensational visuals to take in. As seemingly generic as much of it is on first glance, Days Gone opens up to prove that it’s capable of punching its weight in a crowded area of the gaming landscape. A slow start to the story might put some off, and there are still a few technical issues that raise their head on the odd occasion, but there is plenty in here that gives you cause to overlook them. Farewell, Oregon, I had a great time clearing you out of Freaks.

PSX BrasilBruno Henrique VinhadelPortuguese89 / 100

Days Gone may not bring so much originality into a theme already quite spent in the entertainment industry. The similarity with other games is remarkable, but does not overlap with the quality that the title presents. An interesting story, a lively and aggressive world, well-defined protagonist and excellent combat makes the Bend Studio title an excellent choice for owners of a PlayStation 4.

PlayStation Universe

john paul jones - Days Gone - Review Thread

John-Paul Jones – 8 / 10

Though a touch derivative and brought low on occasion by the odd technical issue, Days Gone is a sprawling and handsomely made open-world adventure that contains a surprising amount of heart and ample amounts of violence to match.

Push Square

sammy barker - Days Gone - Review Thread

Sammy Barker –
7 / 10

The story can drift, and the overall package isn’t quite as polished as its PS4 exclusive counterparts – but as far as gaming comfort food goes, you could feast on much worse snacks than this.

screen rant - Days Gone - Review ThreadScreen Rant

Ty Sheedlo3 / 5 stars

Days Gone follows every post-apocalypse cue in the book. It does combat, level design, and bike riding well but struggles to overcome a basic story.

Slant Magazine

steven scaife - Days Gone - Review Thread

Steven Scaife –
review days gone demands your submission to the content treadmill - Days Gone - Review Thread1.5 / 5 stars

The game meets the baseline level of quality we might expect from a big-budgeted joint, yet it remains a tiresome, empty experience.

SpaziogamesDomenico MusicòItalian8.8 / 10

Days Gone has an astonishing and rich open world with great characters and a lot of quests to accomplish. Bend Studio is finally become great. Sony must be proud.

Spiel TimesCaleb Wysor8 / 10

Nothing else quite captures the experience of being hunted by a mammoth horde or finally taking them down with equal parts brain and brawn. Yes, it has its issues, there are some annoyances and oversights, but they aren’t enough to keep me from recommending Days Gone to just about everyone with a PS4.

StevivorSteve Wright6 / 10

While patches may be able to salvage quite a few of its bugs, there are some questionable design decisions that certainly can’t be fixed as easily.

The Games Machine

marco ravetto - Days Gone - Review Thread

Marco Ravetto – Italian8.2 / 10

Days Gone is a very nice game. It's not original or perfect, but it's really enjoyable from the title screen to the ending credits.

TheSixthAxisJim Hargreaves6 / 10

There are glimmers of true excellence here; small stretches of Days Gone can be especially fun and polished. However, the assembly of these various parts suffers from the lack of an engaging story, compelling characters, or an open world that feels organic and worth exploring.

TrustedReviewsRyan Jones
3.5 / 5 stars

Days Gone has a couple of fantastic ideas, including the blockbuster horde battles that offer some of the most heart-pounding zombie spectacles I've seen yet.

twinfinite - Days Gone - Review Thread

zhiqing wan - Days Gone - Review Thread

Zhiqing Wan –
days gone review - Days Gone - Review Thread3 / 5

Days Gone is an alright first step for Bend Studio. It’s a competent open world game with massive, diverse environments for you to explore, even if there aren’t actually a lot of interesting things to do. It’s also very vanilla, and there just isn’t much substance beneath its glossy surface.

USgamerMike Williams3.5 / 5 stars

The zombie apocalypse is well-trodden territory and the open-world spin of Days Gone can only differentiate it so much. There's a strong narrative focus, but Deacon St. John doesn't carry that weight as deftly as he could. There are highlights and fun tools available within, but the game doesn't push those forward first, leaving the players to deal with some tedium first. Days Gone is a great foundation for something better though, so hopefully Bend gets the chance to improve upon it.

UnboxholicsΛεωνίδας ΣτραβάκοςGreekWorth your time

Days Gone in addition to being an exciting survival adventure, is also a journey into a new, tough world. A world where one's death is the life of another, and the values that once constituted the civilized society have long since collapsed.

VG247Kirk McKeandUnscored

While it’s still slightly better than most recent Xbox One exclusives, Days Gone just isn’t anywhere near the quality of the majority of PS4 first-party releases.

Video ChumsTyler Hall
8.8 / 10

Days Gone is an exceptionally refined and gorgeous open-world action adventure game.

videogamer - Days Gone - Review ThreadVideoGamer

Joshua Wise –
days gone review - Days Gone - Review Thread8 / 10

Days Gone is a grim, beautiful B-movie; its action and writing are full of pulpy thrills, and by the end of it, I found myself liking a character called Deacon St. John – an achievement in itself.

WccftechAlessio Palumbo8.4 / 10

Days Gone puts Bend Studio once again on the map of all PlayStation gamers after many years of oblivion. While it doesn't deliver any meaningful innovations in terms of open world and gameplay mechanics, it's a fun game that sports gorgeous graphics and a surprisingly great story/cast of characters, easily paving the way for a sequel to the stories of Deacon 'the Drifter' St. John. The links above are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, may earn from qualifying purchases.

We Got This CoveredTodd Rigney4 / 5 stars

Days Gone overcomes loose controls, familiar mechanics and gameplay loops, and a well-worn setting to tell a very relatable story featuring one of my favorite characters in recent years.

Worth Playing
Redmond Carolipio8.5 / 10

Even with all the promotion we're seeing now, Days Gone still carries the aura of a title that could be miscast and possibly overlooked at a glance, like it was for me a few years ago. You don't know until you play, and this stands as one the more pleasant and satisfying surprises of the year for me. It's been a long road to this game, but the ride is worth it.

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