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Desperate search for a new mmo

Gamingtodaynews1b - Desperate search for a new mmo

Hello there!
The title mostly says it all, but i'll add some argumentations to that and clarify, so that you can help me more in this (futile it seems) research!

So, I started playing MMO back when Lineage 2 was published. I really loved the grind (i know i'm not normal), and finding new ppl to grind with, it was, at the end of the day (or the month XD) very satisfaying and rewarding.
What i loved the most in L2 was the open world pvp and the fact that even being at end game still gave you something to do (the olympiad and sieges in particular).

I then moved to Aion, bought the preorder, and played there for about 3 years or so, then it was given to gameforge… and it was a complete utterly mess; even the NA one is a complete garbage now…
I really loved Aion, as it had the grind of L2 but you could also fly, and interact with the opposite faction in a way that for me was completely new. And here to, at least before the 4.something patch, you had things to do even if you were at the endgame; Going into the abyss sieging was the best thing in the world, and rifting too.


After that, i jumped on various mmo, tried wow, the new Lineage 2, the new Aion… ended up playing FFXIV from the head start of A Realm Reborn, and as of today I'm still playing it out of boredom, but I just can't keep up doing dailies and the repetitive pve withoud a real goal. I'm missing the sieges and openworld pvp honestly.. so yeah, i play it to "collect" things and i dunno, in the hope that someday it will fit better in my playstyle, but for the moment it is not the case ^^'

So now, i've tried other things, BDO, Blade and Soul, Tera, Lineage Classic (on the NA and EU), but nothing scratched my ich, so here i'm.

What i'm searching is a game like Aion (as it was in the old 1.9 iteration), so with a decent graphic (nothing like Project Gorgon), with openworld pvp, sieges, grindy yet rewarding.

I would like to avoid a subscriptions, as I already pay one for FFXIV (so lineage 2 EU is out)

In these days I tried a private server of Aion (2.1, russian) but it was way too much fast levelling, and i could not enjoy the game as i wanted to.

I'm aware of the fact that I'm probably simply asking for a Aion Classic Server, that doesn't exists, but if you have something to let me try, i'm ready to start a new adventure

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