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Did anyone even get the Mario pins?

Gamingtodaynews1b - Did anyone even get the Mario pins?

On September 3rd, Nintendo shadow dropped a Nintendo Direct onto us focused completely on Mario's 35th Anniversary. The Direct featured a new Mario Kart game that involves real RC toy cars, a Mario Battle Royale style game titled "Mario 35", and what most consider to be the biggest announcement, Super Mario 3D All-Stars a collection of Mario's greatest 3D adventures including 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy. But something that really stood out for me wasn't a game.

Nintendo announced that in celebration of Mario's 35th Anniversary they would be releasing a limited edition Mario pin set featuring the plumber himself in his most popular 2D adventures. The pin set was advertised as free as long as you completed the My Nintendo missions that unlocked them for you. These included such tasks as visiting the Mario 35th Anniversary website or taking a short quiz. The biggest of these tasks was to purchase Super Mario 3D All-Stars either digitally or physical then registering it to you My Nintendo account.

This was hard enough as the game was a full $60 but people had been waiting for this since March and were planning on getting it as soon as humanly possible. Pre-orders went up and sold out fast, Target and Walmart couldn't keep up and listed it as unavailable. Luckily, I was able to secure a copy at my local GameStop. Not to mention, this game was going to be a limited release which I'm pretty sure everyone knows already.


The day after the game's release, Nintendo announced that codes for the pin set would go live at 12pm PST. I finished my tasks the day it launched so I was fine, but apparently you only needed to complete 5 of them so I played way to much Mario Kart Tour for no reason. The day came for them to release it and I decided to launch the website a few minutes early so I could be ready for when it started. But upon opening the website I noticed the text that said, "Claim Reward". I guess they opened it a bit early so I shrugged it off and clicked on the kink to get my code. Upon entering the Nintendo Online Store the site immediately crashed. I refreshed thinking that everyone clicked the same link at the same time. Crash. I tried again. Crash. Another try? Crash.

I don't want to bore you with all the details so let me just skip ahead and tell you that I didn't get them. Which brings me to my main point of this article: Did anyone get them? Others should have had the same experience as me and not been able to snatch them while they were still available right? I don't know for sure but I have a theory. Nintendo made such small quantities of the pins on purpose to get everyone to buy Super Mario All-Stars at launch. People were skeptical of this game when it was unveiled and Nintendo knew this would happen so they made a plan to announce these pins as a sort of incentive for consumers who were on edge about buying this game.

Again, I'm not sure if this is true or not but it's my best guess. I did buy the game on launch and so far it has been a joy to play. My favorite game of the bunch is Super Mario Galaxy as it was the first video game I ever played. The controls are optimized perfectly and the graphics look amazing. If you did get the pins let me know, I would love to hear that people were able to secure these.

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