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disabled gamer here. opinions on my situation?

Gamingtodaynews1g - disabled gamer here. opinions on my situation?

hello all! I've been an xbox/nintendo gamer my whole life, and i've never touched a play station. now that i'm older, and more into the gaming scene/less of a casual, all these great ps4 exclusives have me dying to pick one up. spiderman, god of war, horizon zero dawn etc. i'm dying to play these!

let me preface this by saying I'm not on the fence because of money. I'm still in highschoool, live with my parents, have a job as well as disposable income. however, the one turnoff for me with the system is the controller. it's not that I don't want to change controllers, I just don't know if I physically can.

I was born with cerebrial paulsey, and the right side of my body is completely wack. I can't move my fingers individually, so I can't use my right hand for anything but gripping and stabalizing. my whole life, the stick layout of xbox/gamecube and switch pro controller has allowed me to play games practically one handed, using my left hand for stick movement/all button imputs. I can post a picture of how I do this for anyone interested.


the ps4, with the sticks straight across from each other, makes it extremely awkward for me to play on the system. all this being said, would it be worth it for me to put in hours basically re-learning how to play video games with the dualshock 4, just for the exclusives? I'm sure I could find a workaround, but as far as how long re-learning all this would take, I have no idea. my estimate would be 1-3 years with it to get it to be as comfortable for me as my xbox/switch controllers are, with the amount of free time I have.

keep in mind, It took me age 5-around 10 to be good with the controllers I have now, so 1-3 year is a pretty generous guess.

should I buy it?

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