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Disco Elysium’s Story Is Disappointing

Gamingtodaynews1b - Disco Elysium's Story Is Disappointing

This is going to be spoiler so if you haven't played, please play it!Disco Elysium is a good game, yet very flawed in the end.

Everything in Disco Elysium was great (some of it is perfect); from the conversation with your brain, nightmarish dream sequence that further enhances how Harry is basically fucked up, all the quests about a curse, building a disco club in a church, even the feeling of disillusionment throughout Revachol is handled very well and most memorable is the phone call with your ex, I almost shed a tear over that one.

That is until Harry and Kim engaged in a big shoot out in front of Whirling-in-Rags and eventually arrived on the island.

From that point on, the game throws away its existentialism and murder mystery into the bin and just presented you with the whole answer. Granted that the whole argument by the Deserter about communism, capitalism, fascism, the whole feeling of never moving on is there in his character, is actually good but it is toned down a lot because his real reason to shoot the victim is because he's jealous over a woman he lusted on. it is absurd, yes and fits the tone but is it thought provoking? no.

worst of all is the actual conversation with your pals over from Precinct 41. the whole conversation is just there to summarize all the choices you've taken that you're this type of cop, whether you've become sober or become worse, whether Kim trusts you now or not (or Cuno) and then the the title card shows up, a somewhat comedic melody is played, the game ends.


The ending feels like a big joke. For a RPG that offers a lot of freedom and player choice throughout the game, the last 1/4 of the game is devoid of those. It does not provoke some sort of existentialist questions or anything. You're not even allowed to go back and properly wraps up (or purposely not) the murder case or dictate yourself after the final conversation.The dice has been rolled and you just agree with the results given to you by other NPCs.

And I wonder why Harry has just having a complete breakdown after 6 years he's abandoned by his ex-fiance? he's never experienced a breakdown this horrible before, why now after 6 years?

Fortunately, the dev decided to keep Phasmid and The Pale still being mysterious even after the big reveal in the island, that's the good thing I found in the last part of the game, aside from wonderful dream sequence with Deloros Dei/ex-fiance.

Ultimately, Disco Elysium is a good game that marriages its themes and mechanics so well but in the end it is let down by its abrupt and unsatisfying ending.

If I need to give it a score, maybe 7.5/10 is right

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