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Discussion about new rules, vote on LFMMO rule + moderator transparency

Gamingtodaynews1g - Discussion about new rules, vote on LFMMO rule + moderator transparency

Hello everyone, welcome to the longest post I’ve ever written. We recently hit 100k subs which is awesome. We also made some mistakes on the way getting there. We all make mistakes and moderators are not flawless (except Nick, he’s perfect)

So to make sure we make less mistakes, we made some clarifications to the rules and brought a lot more clarity to them. We also included a poll about LFMMO posts and at the bottom you can find a section “Changes in operation” where we talk about how we will from now on allow ban appeals, a “transparency report” and the removal of a moderator.

What we want in this thread: Feedback on the rules, Feedback on moderation.

What DONT we want in this thread: Hate towards anyone

The proposed new/updated rules are not yet in effect, we are first gathering some feedback.

Proposed new rules

Every once in a while we update our rules to address new problems. But also because there are gaps in the rules that aren’t clear. And when there is no clarity we interpret meaning or intent and that's when mistakes get made. Don’t forget that regular Reddit rules automatically also apply.

Text posts must contain at least 350 characters

We ran this rule as a trial, and we feel that it stops a lot of bad discussion for the most part. It also serves as an extremely easy check for “Did they read the rules?” So this rule stays.

No LF MMO Posts

Last year we opened up discussion for whether or not to allow ‘looking for mmo’ posts and have since then been allowing LFMMO posts as a trial run of sorts. We’re now want to hear from you how it’s panned out. The alternative is that mods remove them and post a weekly thread for them, which lets be honest it wasn’t particularly active nor did the commenters get many responses. You can vote if we continue to allow it here:

Self Promotion

This one is always hard; content is good, spamming is not. A balance has to be struck between the two. But we don’t want to give anyone carte blanche to either. So, we’re introducing new and more clarified rules about self promotion so there is no more ambiguity about what you can and cannot post about.

NOTE: This is about SELF PROMOTION, not about what you can and cannot talk about.

NOTE 2: This also only counts for POSTS, comments are never allowed as a means for self promotion. Ever.


The following counts for all forms of self promotion, you are not allowed under any circumstance to act like you’re a user posting. If you want to post content that you created or you are posting this on behalf of a company/development team you need to make this clear.

While we don’t absolutely require it, because it’s hard to measure this we do ask that you don’t post and go. Put some effort into the post and then stick around for a little while.

Official posts from developers/publishers

We encourage developers to interact with the community, we’ve done so in the past through AMA’s. But we don’t want developers to just dump and go either, that’s why we ask every developer to first send us a message. This partly serves as a guarantee they read the rules, they’re not making just another ad, and we can be clear that spamming isn’t allowed

Private servers for games no longer in operation

We strongly believe in the conservation of games, that’s why we allow promotion of private servers where the game in question isn’t running anymore in any form. (Older versions of an MMO don’t count as a game no longer in operation, so if you’re thinking about posting a World of Warcraft TBC Server, forget about it.)

We ask that you contact us before posting to make sure you’re not just making a glorified ad, and helping to prevent spam.

Private Servers for live games

Sorry, no dice! Conservation of games is important but taking a product and making it available to everyone while the game is still in operation is just piracy. These games are expensive to build and they rely on us as the players to allow the studios to keep the genre alive.

Content creators

Got a blog? Made a youtube video? Recorded a podcast? That’s great! Feel free to post it, but again, don’t dump and go, we prefer content that comes from the community and thus would like it if you stuck around for awhile.

We do limit these to 1 per week for direct links. If you want to post more than once per week about your content then we ask you to make text posts with the intention to start discussion.

For videos we ask you to never post direct links and always incorporate them in a text post to avoid spam. We’re sorry but that’s unfortunately one of the only ways we can automatically prevent spam.


We respect the work that journalists do, without them we would have nothing on our sub. We’ve always allowed these places to post their articles and their opinion pieces if they didn’t spam the latter. We’re not putting a hard ratio on this as long as it’s not more than 1 opinion piece per 1 news article.

We reserve the right to add flairs to potentially misleading articles, or outright remove them if they have more holes in them than Swiss cheese. Additionally, this needs to be an actual website; blogspot and wordpress do not fall under the journalism self promotion rule, rather under the content creators self promotion rule.


We have players from many games here, we don’t think we’re the appropriate place for you to advertise your guild. Many games have subreddits specifically for recruitment. Unless you’re a multi-game guild or a recruitment service we’re asking you not to.

Referral links



Jamais de la vie.

N o p e

Don’t come here with that.

We’re super harsh on penalties for this.

Stay on-topic and friendly

What does it mean to stay on-topic or friendly?


Just because a post is about doesn’t mean you can just come in and bash the game into the ground, unless an opinion on the game is asked of you. It’s pretty straightforward really.



Friendly: favorably disposed; not antagonistic.

What this means is that you can’t insult people here. I can’t believe I have to explain that you shouldn’t be a dick. We see far too many comments where people are called unpleasant names like spergs, weebs, or cucks; it stops, now. If you know someone and you insult them for comedic effect then yeah, obviously that’s friendly, but text strips away context, so for the time being, the privilege of calling you all stark-raving idiots with a victim complex is one reserved for the moderators. If your comment is just a slur or an insult that offers nothing of value, expect it to be removed.


We get it; you, like us, are passionate people, and sometimes it’s frustrating when someone doesn’t roll over and just accept that you’re right.* We understand that arguments may get heated*, but we draw the line at comments that start wishing harm upon others, or when the posters start using derogatory slurs.

No baseless brigading of moderation

We are not your personal outrage army. If you've been banned, censored, or sanctioned on an unofficial gaming web site (gaming journalism blogs, etc), we don't need to hear about it.

If you've been banned, censored or sanctioned on an official gaming website (WoW forums, FFXIV forums, etc), and you feel that it was super unfair, or motivated by an agenda, you must substantiate your claim with some sort of evidence in a modmail so we can take a look at this first.

Subreddit drama is a-OK, though (still need some proof, though). We feed on that like Tyrion Lannister feeds on tits and wine.

Reddit Rules

We don’t have control over every rule, there are some rules that are decided for us by Reddit. We want to take a moment to remind you of these.

You are not allowed to post content that is:

  • Illegal
  • Pornographic
  • Sexual or suggestive content involving minors (this includes but is not limited to: lolis)
  • Encourages or incites violence
  • Threatening, harassing or bullying (or encourages others to do so)
  • Personal and/or confidential information. This includes information that may form part of non-disclosure agreements, as well as information that could be used to personally identify someone.
  • Impersonating someone in a misleading or deceptive manner
  • Soliciting or facilitating any transaction or gift involving certain goods and services (So, no RMT)
  • Spam

You are also not allowed to

  • Ask for votes or engage in vote manipulation
  • Break the reddit experience
  • Create multiple accounts to evade punishment or avoid restrictions

Changes in operation


We don’t often ban people, but sometimes it happens. And we are willing to let it slide, allow your return or generally reduce the time of you ban. If you think something happened unfairly message us through modmail, if you start your message with “fuck you”, however, we will personally double the time you’re banned. Do not message moderators about this directly, only through modmail.


We’re still figuring this one out ourselves, we don’t know what information is useful or meaningful. Maybe an overview of what we’ve done might help, but it doesn’t give the necessary context to judge the actions.

5977 moderator actions between thu jan 24 2019 and wed apr 24 2019, 47% were taken by automoderator. A quick overview of what we have done this year:

  • 35 bans
  • 9 unbans
  • 13 posts marked as spam
  • 1108 removed posts (Because they didn’t comply with rules, think less than 350 characters, direct youtube linking, spam, smurf filter,…)
  • 181 approved posts (these posts originally removed by automoderator but were false positives so we approved them after review)
  • 84 comments marked as spam
  • 2439 comments were removed
  • 1605 comments were approved (We filter out certain words, but context is key and in 1605 instances we found the usage okay in the context of the message. For example if you call someone a derogatory term then it would be removed, if you use that word in the context of being called that word, or anything that isn’t a direct attack we approve it)

That doesn’t quite add up to 5977 actions, the remaining few are things like revising wiki pages, ignoring reports, nothing that really impacts readers.


We have removed one moderator this year, last year we “hired” two new mods. You don’t know how someone will moderate until they actually moderate and the person we removed just didn’t moderate at all, neither here or on our Discord.

We’re not sure if we’re going to replace that person as we’re currently doing really good. But you never know.


We might start to include some of the things we get wrong in the future, we recently banned Lineage 2 for self promotion. While this is a decision that the entire team was behind it did feel like we acted too fast and we could've spent more time looking into it.

The End

Thank you for taking the time to help us improve. We can't respond to every comment, we all have other stuff IRL as well. But every comment will be taken into account when we make our final adjustments to these rules.

Please be respectful in the comments, criticism is good but we do not allow toxicity or attacks. We only learn and grow through feedback.

Please don't forget to vote on the strawpoll about the LFMMO rule

Edit: The poll didn't work. So I made another one with a different service. Edit 2: The new poll link apparently had a cap of 500 votes, looking at previous votes that wouln't have been enough. So I remade the poll. again. with a different service.

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