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Discussion of MMORPG’s games within the game, or the End Game.

Gamingtodaynews1b - Discussion of MMORPG’s games within the game, or the End Game.

The recent posts about LFG threads has caused me to want to create topics for this sub.

The premise of the discussion is based on the evolution of MMORPGs that we have seen. Where games that originally were designed with a broad scope of a fantasy world, have become described as PvP games, raiding games, or grinding games. I think it’s important to grasp this concept to understand just what MMORPGs have become.

MMORPG - Discussion of MMORPG’s games within the game, or the End Game.

r/MMORPG how do you feel about the games we play in MMORPGS, has any specific one done something special for you? Is there a type of gameplay that you think is the correct MMORPG?

I’m gonna start the discussion here along with outlining end game games that I have seen.

Progression: This is the core of RPG in MMORPG. When you break down most MMORPGS progression is the origin of gameplay. What is strange is you eventually become as strong as possible, get your BIS and you are done with progression. This end is the origin of ‘end game’ and at the same time can be seen as the death of the MMO, but that is for another topic. Progression can be the majority of the game, a game like OSRS is almost wholly based on progression where skilling up and maxing out characters supplies motivation for the economy and other aspects of the game.

Raiding: I personally love raiding, having been raiding the highest content over the last few years in either ffxiv, WoW, or both at the same time. Raiding had its origin in progression, the hardest bosses dropped the powerful loot. But it was eventually refined out of what it was in EQ, vanilla WoW, and FFXI, to the more modern mechanic and rotation intensive game that is played in WoW, FFXIV and other MMOS as the pinnacle end game activity. I am very satisfied with this game and if MMORPGS never evolved beyond it I could be pretty happy with WoW and FFXIV.

The economic game: Economy is more of a result from trying to create a fantasy world. But it can be embraced in games like EvE or Albion making it’s functionality a core aspect of the gameplay. Or it can be struggled against like in BDO’s managed economy or completely abandoned in diablo 3. It almost seems like game developers would rather skip the economy just so they don’t need to deal with RMT. I personally don’t care about economic gameplay, it was always a means to an end for me in Albion online. In FFXIV I just need enough money to get my raid set on day one. I see the economy as a broken down system held together by ducktape and a panicking dev in most MMOs. Most games should put it in a dumpster like in diablo 3 or chain it up like BDO, embracing it is good too like in POE or Albion but you need to do so from the outset of the game.

PvP: Shit there are so many different types.


Open world PvP and RvWvF(pick a fkn name ffs):
I love this content, I started MMOs with DAOC and this was the big draw. It’s strange because a lot of games have messed this up or just put it to the sidelines like GW2. I still remember just wanting a open world PvP end game in Warhammer, to then get upset and eventually quit the game from having to do raids to get the easier to obtain high tier gear to PvP in. Eventually Games like GW2 and ESO came out, they have a strong showing for open world gameplay and endgame around it. But I think what they built lacked the organic world feeling that makes open world great. I don’t want to narrow the category to just faction games because half the draw are experiences that people easily gain on PvP servers in WoW. Even zerg fights over world quest areas can happen there, it’s just not the end game. Pushing aside the economy, games like EvE or Albion are based almost entirely on open world PvP from simple 1v1s to massive zerg fights over important territory. Even though I love raiding, if every MMO end game was just open world PvP I could die happy.

Arena PvP: I personally don’t have much of a draw to this type of game in an MMO. I see how it can be enjoyable though and has made itself an alternate endgame in WoW or GW2. Arena PvP is showing mastery of the game, who has the best gear and can play their character the best. It comes right off of progression, how do you show to the world what your progress has given you. I think unsurprisingly because of this most korean style games offer an arena alongside p2w to really push your accomplishments forward /s. I think MMOs need an arena even though it may not be the primary goal of the game, and more importantly they need matchmaking and an elo system so that people can enjoy it. I question if it can really be the pinnacle of gameplay in an MMO, last january Albion stripped it’s 5v5 as the primary tool for territory control away in favor of zerg battles, and nothing short of WoW has a motivating end game arena scene. Ultimately stripping the MMO from arena and making a stand alone arena fighting game only really loses the progression angle of gear, so I don’t think this is a strong end game or just game in general for MMOs.

Social/creativity: I can’t ignore that there are successful games like Second Life or in game mechanics like housing in FFXIV. I personally don’t connect with much of this aspect of MMORPGs. But it’s there and there are significant amounts of people that enjoy building their houses, just chatting with others and enjoying the atmosphere. I don’t really think this is a good direction for a game, but I’m someone who doesn't really see a point in a guild that isn’t raiding in WoW or not dreaming of capturing territory in Albion online.

So what does
MMORPG - Discussion of MMORPG’s games within the game, or the End Game.

r/MMORPG think about what our fantasy worlds evolved into to keep us paying, I mean playing? Or at least share some awesome experiences.

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