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(Discussion/Vent) I walked away from the world of MMO gaming in anger on Thursday. (Warning: Bad language)

Gamingtodaynews1b - (Discussion/Vent) I walked away from the world of MMO gaming in anger on Thursday. (Warning: Bad language)

Since most WoW communities have a rule against "I quit" posts, I wanted to talk here. I just need a place to vent and I don't know what other place would welcome my thoughts.

I know what you're going to say. "LOL, nice blog." "Can I have your stuff?" (You can't, it's gone. And I had nothing.) or "No one cares, dude. It's a game." But hear me out, mmkay?

After 14 years of World of Warcraft, I finally snapped and quit on Thursday evening. Not just cold turkey, that sumbitch was still frozen enough to shatter a human skull. I deleted all my characters, uninstalled the game and unsubscribed without a second thought.

I started in November of 2006. I played a lot when I was in high school, with the LK era my real peak as far as achieving anything measurable. But I tapered off as I got older, went to college, got a job, etc… I hadn't made any notable progress since maybe early Cataclysm. I told myself that, since I want to head back to college in the fall of 2022 and I will no longer have time to commit to an MMO, (assuming the pandemic is over and we haven't all gone kerplooie.) that Shadowlands was my last expansion and that I would finally hang it up at that point.

That end came about two years sooner than I imagined. I brought up a concern about Cooking being messed up due to the level squish and I was met with nothing short of rudeness, insults and trolling. I guess I normally have a thin skin when it comes to trolls, but goddamn. This broke me. So I just said to a /1 box full of trolling assholes that I quit, and that I'm going to a game where I can be spoken to with more respect. I'd bet they got a great deal of satisfaction from that too.


But who was I kidding, though? No online game is 100% free of trolls and toxic player. I guess if I had to play an MMO again, it would be ESO or FFXIV, but I don't want to get too invested in anything with a potential return to college and me trying to improve my low-grade shitshow of a life.

So I'm done with MMOs as a whole, possibly online gaming as a whole- although that's a slimmer possibility. I am tired of the toxicity, the trolling, the lack of kindness in general. I don't expect everyone to be totally altruistic and pleasant, but it's like they forget there's a real person on the other side of the screen. I've interacted with some great people through gaming, but the bad ones outweigh the good for me and I've fucking had it.

To those trolls, I gotta say… Thank you, you toxic-ass motherfuckers. By driving me away, you probably pushed me to make one of the smartest decisions I've ever made as a gamer. I am done with MMOs and I am so much happier for it. Besides, I want to knock out more single-player stuff now.

Since I know not everybody is like me and actually has the fortitude to deal with this- just treat other players with respect. That's all I ask if you take nothing else away from this. Pretend the person you are interacting with is actually across from you at a table when you consider saying something rude to them. Would you still talk to them that way if they were in front of you?

Jesus, dude. I don't know that I've ever expressed my feelings like this when it comes to gaming. Apologies for the bloggish post, I just wanted someone who cared to hear me out.

Also, my sincere apologies to the mods if this does not fit here. I don't what other gaming sub, or other community would welcome this kind of post.

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