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Do not play this game called Dragon Saga.

Gamingtodaynews1f - Do not play this game called Dragon Saga.

This will be regarding WarpPortal's game Dragon Saga and their outsourced head developer Popcorn. I will be quitting until Popcorn is fired as head developer, and this is why. Please take the time to read and see if you are willing to tolerate such an attitude from a head developer.

A while ago I had an unpleasant encounter with Popcorn in the game's Discord server (where he is the mod along with his private team). I was asking a beginner question and he gave a condescending reply. After that I had another unpleasant encounter about the F7 mode where he displayed a knee-jerk, over-sensitive reaction about people simply asking about F7. Zero professionalism shown. I eventually decided to ignore his shitty attitude and just play the game without giving feedback since we players all know him for being a dictator who only engages with bootlickers. His attitude is that of one who can be rude to players, but players cannot be rude to him. Need I mention the players who gave feedback in a non-rude way and due to Popcorn being over-sensitive, he banned them from the Discord server? Countless players whose feedback and input to other players were valuable. Helpful players. All silenced due to Popcorn.

I just learned recently that he will be making changes to the game to make it less F2P-friendly. It might have been understandable if not for his shitty attitude and rude replies, yet again. I have attached 2 screenshots. One screenshot shows that he thinks farming over 60 Relics a day = botting (for your info, I can farm about 50 Relics per hour in Dragon Valley F1). One screenshot shows him threatening to remove NPC Harvey (this is not the first incident of him making threats).

F2P-friendly was the only reason that kept me playing and occasionally spending money. If Popcorn wasn't the head developer, I might've whaled out in this game again upon return (spent ~2k USD in ~2015 before taking a break). If not for F2P-friendly, I would've totally stopped playing a long time ago just because of Popcorn's shitty attitude, one where he suspects legit players of botting and abusing (there was another incident where he stated suspicions of players abusing something in Dungeon of Destiny, simply because players were complaining about game bugs regarding buffs inside that dungeon and Popcorn lacked detailed submissions of reports from players whenever the bug occurred). Can you imagine this? Suspecting players to be abusing something when they're just lazy to submit detailed reports (getting an entire team of 4 strangers to communicate and submit tickets? it's already difficult enough to get them to type "gate"/"back" for efficiency purposes)…maybe 'over-sensitive' is an understatement.


I have submitted tickets before to GMs and I know of people who have done so too. The replies are always the same, nothing will be done, they will merely 'remind' Popcorn to be more courteous, and the eventual result is that Popcorn continues to be extremely condescending and rude and overly sensitive.

I think WarpPortal truly does not give a shit about Popcorn's appalling attitude and implicitly supports him. I hope that you, whether you are considering to return to the game or start on the game, do not decide to play. I have never seen such a shitty attitude from a head developer before, worse still, a company that allows him to get away with it repeatedly. 'Outrageous' is an understatement. You will never meet a developer like him again in another MMORPG.

Here's another player who merely complained about Popcorn's 'typo' error which resulted in losses of real cash. Popcorn's mistake, yet the player got banned from the Discord server and received such a rude reply.
WarpPortal Popcorns ridiculously rude attitude towards players 113410796727963 - Do not play this game called Dragon Saga.

This is a good game of nostalgia that I like. I played it since 2010 till 2015, took a break, and came back to this clown called Popcorn. Continue censoring players, banning them from the game's Discord server, and banning them in-game for merely complaining. Continue having such poor PR. Bootlickers will forever be around for you to feel good about yourself. And WarpPortal, continue supporting that dictator. We can tell from your inactive page that you guys aren't doing so well. Maybe you guys are finding an excuse to stop hosting the game. This shitty attitude of Popcorn's, I definitely won't miss. And I know Popcorn will reply "quit then, nobody cares" or something to that extent. Good riddance for both of us then.

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