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Do you ever just give up on a game because you know its coop/multiplayer centric

Gamingtodaynews1b - Do you ever just give up on a game because you know its coop/multiplayer centric

Because of various reasons I find myself just not being able to play a lot of games that require online, partners, teams, etc. Or overall just being annoyed by it, even and especially if they just replace them with bots. I do play the odd multiplayer game every now and then when Im able but its becoming increasingly hard in times, and more big games seem to be going down this route.

What sparked this thought is that lately I just found myself, while still being interested in a couple of games, I immediately give up hope on being too invested in them because I know they will be multiplayer centric…thats kind of odd but Ill explain the best I can. Say for example the Dark Alliance and Warhammer Dark Tide games. As weird as the trailers were, I was still interested in what I saw, and am interested enough in them that I check the studios socials every now and then just to keep up to date on the progress of the games. But I ultimately know that I wont actually be getting the games because I know they are focused on that squad based combat. Even games that have outwardly, heavily stated it like Aliens Fireteams, but give the strong impression that they will only be doable with teams, even if you can attempt to play them solo, I find myself losing interest in swiftly.


I have found some solace in games like Monster Hunter World, Killing Floor 2, and Outriders, that using a Scaling Difficulty system, so they actually allow you to play them fully solo and ramp up the challenge depending on how many people are in your party. That way its never impossible to do, or any easier or harder because you chose to go it solo or in a group, but yeah, Ive just found myself progressive getting bored with those types of games, and lately the more I see announced with that in mind, the quickly I find myself drawn out, no matter how interesting they come off. One of the main reasons this happened is because I often found that the games themselves werent actually fun but instead built off the back of the players themselves having fun with their friends instead. And you can often hear this from the devs themselves when they talk about the games saying its "much better with friends". Well thats not a strong argument. I could stare at a blank wall with my friends and we could find a way to make it fun. So saying your game is better with friends often just tells me that you are admitting your game doesnt have any lasting qualities or unique characteristics enough itself to keep me coming back. One of the more recent games that I had gotten into that actually is always online, multiplayer focused, is Dead by Daylight. I can probably say that the quality that keeps me it made sure to have an identity first. Not only that, but its discouraged to play with friends. Not by the devs, but by the community itself. Whether it be the subreddit, in-game itself, or viewing a lets players content, often times SWF (survivors with friends) is discouraged and frowned upon. And while its not overly bad, its surprising and probably the only multiplayer game Ive ever seen where its almost bad to be in a pre-made squad.

But Idk. I guess its just because of the situations that have made it harder to enjoy games of this type, or because the games of this type have grown boring to me because even now some of them look intriguing. Its just this nagging feeling I have that stopping me from getting fully committed to these types of games…

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