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Do you feel it’s worth the investment to remaster/remake older games to newer systems?

Gamingtodaynews1g - Do you feel it's worth the investment to remaster/remake older games to newer systems?

Sounds like a great idea, to take older games and bring them to the newer systems, so that way more people can play and enjoy them.

What I'm asking is, do you feel it's worth the investment to do so, generally speaking?

With older games, there's generally a gameplay standard that existed around the time of its release. If you were to go back to the days of the GameCube/PS2/Xbox, there were a lot of games that seemed to be trying to get their foot in the door for 3D gameplay and whatnot, as there were now more possibilities than the Nintendo 64 and PS1 could handle.

However, a lot of games around this time are questionable today. I've seen people say "it plays like a PS2 game" to refer to the fact that the game's mechanics and design, are outdated. I've seen it mentioned for games like The Last Guardian, Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure, and so on. Even games that were remade, like Battle for Bikini Bottom, got some criticism because the blueprints of the game were designed in the PS2 era, implying that this era is possibly outdated.

For more modern games, I feel like there's a general bitterness that exists when a remaster is announced for a lot of games. People say that the developers are milking the series by asking them to purchase the same game again, and that it takes away from the manpower to develop new games, and that they're not excited for the remasters because they've already played these games and moved on. Grand Theft Auto 5 and Skyrim got a ton of backlash for re-releasing for the newer systems, despite there being a potential new audience.


I've also heard that it's not financially preferable to make a system backwards-compatible with the earliest of systems from beforehand, because I guess it's way more profitable to just make brand new games to sell to people. I do get that, where people can look forward to the next big game that they've never experienced before, and get to try something new. As opposed to a remake/port/remaster, where it's essentially the same game they've already completed, just with fancier graphics.

I guess that does raise an interesting question, of how often new audience members are excited to play games that are going on 20 years old.

There's also the aspect that, with each new console generation, gameplay designs become more refined and accessible than before. By playing a game that is essentially using an older design that might not feel anywhere as good to use as the newer ones, people might find it difficult to play. And then, if they have to update the game so much in order to suit the new medium and audience, then… well, at that point, it's not really the same game, is it? At that point, why not just work on a new game, instead of trying to modernize an old one that probably couldn't handle the new alterations from the original design?

On the other hand, with the recent sales of games like Super Mario 3D All-Stars, it shows that there's still a demand for older games if people loved them. However, because they're older, it means that they might end up coming in compilations. Super Mario 3D All-Stars' individual games were each full-price on release, and now the compilation in itself is full-price once. Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far, I believe, has almost every Kingdom Hearts game except for 3.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it's worth bringing over older games?

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