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Do you find that this is a common experience with large guilds?

Gamingtodaynews1b - Do you find that this is a common experience with large guilds?

-Usually someone recruits very enthusiastically, says they have tons of members and they have a lot of helpful people who will help you get started.

-You join, then you see they have a lot of people, but most of them are in the endgame and not people you can party with to level and stuff.

-Almost everyone at the lower levels are random newbies just like you, and theres a massive turn over rate as most of them stop playing pretty quickly or leave the guild. So its like partying with randoms, except that you can also talk to them via guild chat.

-If you do get to the end game, you find that almost all the high level people are already in an established group, and you are like the second choice whenever people make parties, because obviously you pick the guys with the best gear/skills first right? And obviously parties dont have unlimited slots so…and you notice very quickly then guild chat suddenly gets very quiet whenever you ask if you can join them to do end game stuff or you are just told to put up a LFG listing / ask in global chat.

-The guild leader pretty much never plays anymore, because he made the guild when he was in college, its been years, hes graduated and he doesnt have time to play anymore. Anyone who joined in the last year probably hasnt seen him do anything except log in and out quickly.


-90% of the officers (who became officers when the guild leader was around) only login to play with their own groups and do guild raids because they graduated too and dont have much time anymore. They otherwise have zero interaction with the rest of the guild, to the point where people who have been in the guild for half a year or more have no idea who these guys are, or why they are officers.

-The few junior officers who do all the work like recruiting you and helping newbies are overworked and cant help everyone, but everyone knows who they are because they are the ones doing almost everything, answering questions in guild chat and helping people run quests. Despite them doing most of the work, the senior officers who were around at the start of the guild hold all the real authority and just tell newbies to message the junior officers for help because they are going to do their regular runs and then log off.

-For raids, theres the main group which is where most of the officers and their friends are, with the best gear, that does all the end game stuff, and then you have the regular group consisting of regular players who are only invited to join the main group when they have spare slots and cant get anyone else. And the regular group just does easy raids / low level difficulty stuff because they only have a few geared veterans (usually the junior officers) who can handle the harder stuff.

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