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Do you guys feel like Shadow of War has way too much artificial difficulty?

Gamingtodaynews1e - Do you guys feel like Shadow of War has way too much artificial difficulty?

I started the game on Brutal because i'm just that hardcore (/s) and I'm a big masochist in games, I like having my skills put to the test and being challenged to learn the little details of the game and how to use each mechanic to effectively beat each challenge.

But Shadow of War doesnt feel like its truly challenging. At first I was dealing fine with it but then I got to a certain mission that I had to survive enemy waves on a timer, and i had a bonus objective of reaching a 20 hit counter. The problem is:

1-There are 20 enemies (not to mention like 10 allies) on screen resulting in a complete mess of a battlefield that you have no idea who your attack is gonna flow to no matter how well you direct your analog stick

2-7 archers/lancers that will often be offscreen and will just continuously shoot at you without any way of evading/blocking in a satisfying matter except for spamming a roll. Oh and getting shot breaks your combo, meaning it was really hard to even get to 20 without some cheap tricks.

3-2 or 3 giants that you cannot vault over, meaning sometimes you will try to dodge over another enemy only to accidentally direct your vault to the giant (refer to topic 1), meaning he will grab you and throw you to the ground. Oh right, one of his attacks do require you to press the vault button to evade, so it's just a mess.

4-Some orc types cannot be hit from the front (shield guys will just block and thats fine, but other types with counter attack, breaking your combo), which, again back to topic 1, makes reaching a certain hit streak a really dumb objective.


5-Did i mention the freaking dragon that flies around throwing fire balls that sometimes even if you dodge you still catch on fire and breaks your combo? Or the fire stream that's not very dodgeable. Or when it lands and does tail swipes that has no windup or block prompts?

6-This wouldnt really be a problem if not for the previous marks, but the block prompt seems really broken especially when there's an overwhelming amount of enemies on screen. I would often get hit from a guy who just came rushing from offscreen without a block prompt.

I could actually beat that part in Brutal, but it just didnt feel right, it felt i was going against a broken challenge and it didnt feel satisfying.

Now don't get me wrong, the game is fun on lower difficulties, I really like the army system and getting to know and abuse each captains weaknesses, but the game just seem really bad at providing a challenge. I don't remember the first game and the batman games resorting to such cheap difficulty rising methods. I would get my ass kicked in the beginning, but once I grasped how the combat worked I would just make some badass combos without being wrecked by cheap difficulty.

I currently lowered down the difficulty to Nemesis and i'm really enjoying myself, but I really wanted to know whats the popular opinion about it.

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