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Do you think MMORPGs could benefit if we lessened or even reversed how Casuals are portrayed?

Gamingtodaynews1e - Do you think MMORPGs could benefit if we lessened or even reversed how Casuals are portrayed?

Since Microsoft had tossed its hat into the ring, there has been a rush and fight to declare ourselves as "Real Gamers." The rise of eSports and pro scene solidified the idea that you could make money pressing buttons. To add to that was the rise of clickers and idle games that got eaten up by a majority who may have just gotten tired of having to GOGOGO in video games.

As it stands, many Casuals, such as myself, the ones who want to walk though a dungeon and watch the cutscenes, the one that wants to run around the world discovering things, and play at a slower than usual pace, find hate from a sizeable chunk being deemed as "Trolls."

"They don't want to learn or improve, they only want quick gains, they support pay 2 win cause that's the only way they will" and similar remarks. The decline of the community is heavily attributed to this "rise in casual-tards."

Hell, even the word Fun is attributed to "playing like a moron whose only sole purpose is to make us lose, not bothering to learn the mechanics and wasting my time."

Long ago, I used to loathe using a guide because I want to learn myself and more often than not what I would miss is something I had a clue about or was so obvious that it made me feel dumb (looking at you, Water Temple in OoT), but now I I can see where it's better to have that idea than spend three weeks trying to figure out something so I can get at that gear.


It's not that I'm against learning or improving, but I think that stuff should come later after you've had your fun. My usual style of playing was Yolo rushing so I can get to the credits then figure out stuff from there, but now I'm more of taking my time to understand why one weapon does more damage or how two slots interact.

However, I am afraid to say I'm a casual in any general chat because I know for a fact that I'll be shunned by a vast swath of players who would rather let me solo stuff than help me out even for a bit. I can't finish a lot of Guild Wars 2 content because everyone is already at the end and don't want to go back to redo old areas.

Fuck, imagine how much pain I had trying to solo Season 3 content on crappy gear? Or how I had to find my way around HoTs while everyone else was doing PoF mounting.

As to why I'm behind….I have short attention spans that was trained from having a family that needed me every five to ten minutes plus trying to clear my backlog of 300+ games that have piled up over the course of a few years of OSRS, Minecraft, then League. To add to that was the eventual burnouts I got trying to do everything at once.

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