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Do you think we’re headed for a remake boom (even bigger than now)?

Gamingtodaynews1f - Do you think we're headed for a remake boom (even bigger than now)?

I definitely see it in the air. I think we're going to go the Hollywood route for awhile and get remakes of basically every early 3D classic. Just like movies, they've got the title recognition, they have the story mostly made, and unlike movies they actually are in demand. People want them because overall, they can flesh out things so much more, and get rid of more tedious mechanics.

I think the biggest spot will obviously be the PS1 era. Early 3D. It's already started, but I think it will continue.

RE3 was a bad omen though, being 60 dollars. Given that it's basically like a really big RE2 DLC with most of the same assets. But then RE2 itself was an amazing success.

FF7 is a big success, despite some worries about changing too much. But pretty much everyone was happy with how much more fleshed out it was.

Honestly, a far as SquareEnix goes, I think IF they do another remake, FF8 will be the candidate. I say this because it's the one that would benefit most for them and for the game itself. Up to FF6 is 2D and aged fine. 9 actually aged really well in HD, and the story fits text. But FF8 is in the weird limbo where it could actually get a lot of recognition if it was remade.

People seem to forget it's the 3rd best selling game in the franchise as well. In FF, all of the "modern" games with sci fi elements do much, much better in sales. The top 5 are the ones you would probably expect. So if FF7 happens well, I wouldn't be surprised to see 8 done in like a decade. They could change all those weird translation errors where the English version just has Squall saying "…." over and over too. Haha.


I hear people wanting a Legend of Dragoon game. Don't know if it would make sense financially, but who knows. I think Parasite Eve would be HUGE if it was remade. Because a lot of people don't know it, but the story is really appealing and interesting. It's right in the crossroads of RE and FF games on PSX too.

As for platformers, we've definitely been seeing a few of those like Crash and Spyro. And I think they've done well financially.

So I think this is going to be a trend for awhile. Late 90s games getting the modern treatment. I feel like people are mostly fine with PS2 and up games with voice acting. The remaster versions are normally good enough for most. But early 3D is…. it's pretty awful looking sometimes. The dialogue was often pretty basic as well. I get the appeal. I just hope they don't go TOO far with it like Hollywood. But games do have a bit more of an upper hand because a lot of these games we're talking about can be great expanded on to make fans happy. Whereas a lot of movies were fine as is and really didn't merit a remake at all.

So what do you think will happen? Do you think more devs are heading down this road? Also, regardless, which game would you (selfishly) want remade if they could do it justice?

Just some thoughts!

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