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Does anyone else feel like Metagaming and Guides kinda ruin MMO’s PvE?

Gamingtodaynews1f - Does anyone else feel like Metagaming and Guides kinda ruin MMO's PvE?

Hello all

I'm mainly a PvP player and never liked PvE in MMOs for the following reason. I feel like the fact that someone can just put a step by step guide to a dungeon or raid and turn it from an adventure into a instruction manual for job you have to finish has kinda never let PvE to truly shine.

You might say just don't use the guide, and I never do for singleplayer games for example cause that ruins the whole adventure/game and is basiclly cheating but for MMOs you can not do that. You fall massively behind and no one would want to group with you.

Another issue is the Devs know everyone will just search every stats on the mobs and guides on the Net. So they kinda design the game knowing that nothing will be hidden and so focus on designing mechanics/aesthetics rather than intrigue.

This is why I could never really get myself to PvE in MMOs or other games. Pretty much all mobs are either predictable and the ones that are not are super RNG based like a casino where its mostly luck that matters not skill. Hence why I always preferred PvP since you can't put a guide up with every move this player can do and a manual for every move you gotta do to counter it.

I knew this issue has been pretty much in existence forever, however now with AI and neural netwroks advancing. Mobs and dungeons can become more adaptive and far less predictable and have more tricks, making you actually have to learn and discover yourself how to beat the dungeon/mob instead of have following step by step instruction manual. Obviously guides will exist but they can only give a rough idea on what to do just like PvP rather being a manual.

I'm keen on how AI advancements are gonna affect gaming, maybe it can bring more players form PvP to PvE.

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