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Does quantity in a video game lead to good quality?

Gamingtodaynews1g - Does quantity in a video game lead to good quality?

I am playing the Division 2 right now and just like every other game that is made by Ubisoft, it has an absurd amount of content and it is costly being updated and tweaked daily.

It is not just that you have to learn the gameplay basics and the ways the different factions behave, you also have:

-the RPG-style loot style

– the Dark Zone

– upgrading your settlements

– bounties

– collecting SHD caches (with basically like upgrade points)

– specialisations (which are kind of like a separate RPG system

– the side-missions which are also replayable

– secret missions that have their own collectibles

– invasions by the Black Tusks (which are a different faction that mostly reset everything that you worked for and make the game harder)

– liberating and fighting for control point (which is dynamic as the different factions are constantly fighting for control over these areas)

– destroying strongholds (which is basically the HQs of each faction)

– the semi-multiplayer matches

– projects (which are basically quests which give you rewards if you do certain objectives

– crafting, and optimisations

– the world tier system (which are basically different levels of new game + that make the game harder and replayable)

– the New York expansion which has its maps, and a system of hunting down certain bosses

– the expeditions which are kind of like expansions but our updated daily with loot and you can do them within a certain time limit to gain other rewards


And I am not sure that I managed to mention everything.

I am surprised that for a simple game where you can basically point and shoot at things, it has a surprising level of depth that makes you want to come back for more.

Heck, this was the same that I felt more other games like Warframe and Destiny.

But in truth, there was so much stuff and I was bombarded with information, especially because I started to play those games long after their release, that I basically quit playing them because I felt lost with all the stuff that you can do and I felt that it was too much.

It happens to be one of the reasons why I did not play Skyrim because there is just so much stuff in that game, like lots of places to go and side-quests and abilities and expansions and so on that I felt that it was too much and I was overwhelmed.

On the other hand, there are other games that I found them to be very simple but their simplicity kept me wanting more like Breath of the Wild because it is very straight-forward but dense with possibilities and creativity, or Starcraft 2 because every player has all the tools in a match but the amount of strategies that you can use (especially since this game has been updated and tweaks since release which is almost 10 years now) are endless.

And some games are just that simple and excel in their simplicity or minimalistic design like DOOM, or Resident Evil.

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