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Doom Eternal has a story and it sucks!

Gamingtodaynews1b - Doom Eternal has a story and it sucks!

Am I the only one to think that?

Warning, there are going to be spoilers about the latest Doom game.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that game (even if I have some nitpicks about the gameplay), but I hate what they did with the franchise from a story point of view.

In the “first” (2016) game you have a badass silent protagonist that wakes up on a sacrificial altar and start quickly dispatching demons. Who is he? Where does he comes from? We don’t know and in consequence our imagination runs wild. At some point he emotes a little bit with his hands to show how exhausted he is. At another point they infer that he is some kind of chosen one but it’s vague enough that you can project anything on it.

Then comes Doom Eternal. At first it’s great, you discover that earth has been invaded by demons and you hear people praying to you as you reload your shotgun. It’s glorious.

But then they explain that the story is about several extraterrestrial species, that you belong to a weird alien army that has been betrayed by a bearded man, that there is a complicated plot about exploiting energy harvested from tortured souls, and all kind of details like that.


Am I the only one to think that all those details lessen the plot? When it was about dispatching demons from hell it was metal, but now that it’s about advanced alien civilization it changes the tone. It makes what was happening in the previous game smaller.

Take the hero, for instance. In the first game he’s just a badass, but in the last game they explain that he has special abilities provided to him by aliens. Did they really have to explain why he was so badass? Why was he not just some random soldier on Mars when hell’s gate opened? And if we did need an explanation about his abilities, can someone now explain why when I use my chainsaw on a demon I can have more ammunition? Couldn’t we just say “he’s just a badass” and move on? The only thing we hear him say is “Rip and tears” again and again making me believe he is actually just mentally deranged.

I’m all for giving glimpses of a larger world through clues like they did in the first game. I love when there is a deep lore that you can piece together but I think they missed the mark, here.

Am I alone in thinking that?

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