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Doom Eternal is a game that stands in its own way

Gamingtodaynews1f - Doom Eternal is a game that stands in its own way

Well, I'm not sure if this sounds right in english, but the meaning is, this is a game that harm itself with no need for doing this. It has this great action and some intense battles, and some well crafted system where you have to use all your resources. It is an ingenious game in many senses, and all the weapons and other ways of killing are very fun and interesting to use. But what about this stage design? It interrupts the action too much. It makes the game boring and slow, with no need for this at all, and no gain at all for the game.

The change in the gameplay rythym and tone is way too abrupt. You are playing an intense battle, in a great arena with some cool poles to bonce around and platforms (this is the good part), and then everything stops and you are obliged to play some dumb part with only one solution to progress and some hidden wall or something. C'mon, why that? The game has no fluidity at all, it just interrupts itself all the time and almost put you too sleep, because it is damn boring.

And there are some wrong choices in game design that stays in your way too. Like: when you are almost dying, the screen blinks and your vision became blurry and bad. Ok, I get it, it is meant to simulate how would you feel and rise the difficulty a bit. This works quite well when some battle is happening and make it more intense. But if I am exploring, this is just dumb and makes the exploration unbearable, especially when I can't find health to "cure" myself.

So yeah, I'm there struggling to find how to progress to the next part, and I have 5% health and can't see a damn thing, and my heart is beating and making this annoying noise. In those parts, I just better suicide and start again, because I can't find the next part with my vision blurred. It is such a bad design choice.


And the game has no sense of mystery at all. I'm not saying this should be a Alfred Hitchcock thriller, with some great plot twist, I know this is a simple plot (and I don't complain about it), but c'mon, why being so explicit all the time? I arrive into a place, and then Vega's voice just say: "blah blah blah, now it is going to be like this, blah blah blah". I can't even see the place and investigate by myself just a little bit, and the game holds my hand and this neutral voice out of nowhere just explain everything. The game has a great visual, it would be much better if let a bit of room for your imagination and own discoveries!

And then you have to find one of the priests and kill him, and the loading screen just says: "now you need to go to a place, where the showdown will happen". What? Why this spoiler? So yeah, this is going to happen, I'm going to find him, why do I need to know that now? It would be much better not to say anything, let me find out if I will succeed find him or not. I mean, it is not terrible, but it is such a bad and unnecessary choice, it would be much better just to let things the way they are without telling too much.

The game is still really good, I would give it at least an 8/10 (until now, I haven't finished the main campaign), it is a good game with some great elements, but it could be much better with some things removed. I mean, the game needed to me more fluid, the player moving around more freely and finding some battles, not some cramped, closed rooms where you need to stop and find something boring to move along.

(English's faulty today, but I think this rant is clear enough lol, sorry for that).

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