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Doom Eternal: thoughts from someone who thought Doom 2016 overstayed its welcome

Gamingtodaynews1f - Doom Eternal: thoughts from someone who thought Doom 2016 overstayed its welcome

Holy fucking shit this game was intense. I played 2016 for the first time a while ago and felt it overstayed its welcome by a few hours. I got to the Hell Guards and my game crashed and deleted the saves and I had no desire to restart since I was already ready to be done. Recently I played it again in smaller doses and enjoyed it much more and beat it.

Then I played Doom Eternal and I think it completely blew 2016 out of the water in pretty much every way. The graphics are obviously better with the backgrounds and all the carnage, the gore system is incredible with how demons come apart as you shoot them, the new demons were all great and every combat encounter made you actually think about strategy, traversal, which weapons to use and when, etc. It was just so much more fun and engaging than 2016. Probably liked those snake enemies the least but preferred them to the teleporting floating ones from 2016. The Maurauders and Doom Hunters made for a badass frantic inclusion to already insane encounters and switching up approaches when each one entered the fray was a blast. I also liked the boss fights much more than in 2016.

One of the best new mechanics I think was getting your ammo and shields from demons during combat. Strategizing when to blaze them for armor or chainsaw for ammo was great. Then you have the new abilities like the grenade launcher, blood punch, the sword, and dash which was an incredible addition. Also the chainsaw regenerating over time was a welcome change.

The extra life system was great and kept you in the flow of the combat and missing a jump didn't mean you died, just respawned with a slight loss of armor/health. The progression system was solid and provided a ton of options.


Then there's the platforming, which honestly i enjoyed quite a bit. Hitting a series of jumps through traps or timing a platforming puzzle just right felt great. The only part I hated was the very last bit on Urdak but I ended up getting it after several tries.

The humor was great too as far as the way people react to you or when Samuel tells you you can't blow a hole in Mars.

I honestly can't think of much the 2016 did better other than having an unlimited pistol to take out weak fodder and allowing you to stagger weaker enemies with melee. Eternal also could have used some more of those timed power ups like Quad Damage and Berserk. I didn't mind the more cartoonish enemy aesthetics because the violence is so cartoonish, but I did prefer some of the enemy designs in 2016. Overall I think Eternal took everything 2016 did great and improved on it in pretty much every way they could have. I thought the soundtrack in both was beautiful and blood pumping but Eternal had some standouts with the more melancholy choir music on Nekravol or the chanting during certain songs.

What an incredible experience. It was lighting fast, intense, brutal, and unrelentingly exhilarating from start to finish. Loved it.

What would you say Doom Eternal did better than 2016 and vice versa? What would you like to see in the next one?

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