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Drakore Studios Announce their first game, Aetherbound

Gamingtodaynews1g - Drakore Studios Announce their first game, Aetherbound

Hello World,

We from Drakore Studios are very glad to announce about our First game Release, Aetherbound.


Drakore Studios was founded from people of various disciplines and backgrounds with a fair few of us having worked at BioWare, 343, Microsoft and Marvel Studios on different projects. The core group had been in an MMORPG guild called Vanguard and was getting very disgruntled with the current state of the MMORPG market so we’ve decided to take on the large task of creating our own MMORPG.


Set in the world of Adranon, once the home to a thriving ancient race who created a magic based technology that was very advanced and allowed them to do very fantastical things. One day a war, lasting years, broke out and resulted in the destruction of their people. 1000 years later, a new species on the planet (of which you are part of) are trying to repurpose and use the ancient technology for their own purposes to fight each other as well as the giant magic-robot monsters left behind. In these past 1000 years, some cities have cropped up as well some towns.


We’re proposing a live-service / living world situation where the world will constantly shift through updates similar to something like fortnite. The overall art direction is something like Horizon Zero Dawn or Monster Hunter World, where you hunt giant mechanical monsters and use their scrap body parts to upgrade your armour. The playstyle of the game will be low fantasy (swords, magic, bows) with a touch of our magic based technology all around. The landscape itself will be highly nature driven but broken up with small amounts of magic technology scattered around.



We Recently have entered in a beginning stages of partnership with Houdini, Quixel, AMD, Speedtree and few other private investors, we aim to get smoothly into the beta version of the game by December 2020 and hence we would love to have suggestions and support in form of both ADVICE and MONETARY from your side.


Being a new Indie game studio we would love to have your support in the development of the game, You can either suggest us or follow our progress day to day in our discord channel or can also donate us some funds to help us which will automatically make you eligible to avail privileges during the production and publication of the game.

Any Kind Of Support from your side will be highly appreciated.

Please Join our Discord Channel –
JAATjhn - Drakore Studios Announce their first game, Aetherbound

Donate Us at –
Drakore - Drakore Studios Announce their first game, Aetherbound

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