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Dream MMO Concept (Non realistic concept post)

Gamingtodaynews1f - Dream MMO Concept (Non realistic concept post)

Before I get down to it, I want to explain some things first. (I hope this is allowed btw)
1: this will be a very long post… but I will try my best to keep a thread to make it easy to follow
2: This isn't a realistic concept, this isn't a discussion if it would be technologically possible or economically possible. Just a post about a concept of design. Just want this to be clear. (However, if I were to add an model, would it be subscription with services on the side, such as name-changes or the like)

The concept I have in mind is called Animorbis.
A high fantasy MMO concept, focusing on character creation, character uniqueness, freedom and HEAVY roleplay focus.

The game would work on a single character per server, semi-classless system, with a heavy focus on a large library of skill-trees which you discover on your travels.
Basically, upon character creation, will you be asked to go through a personality quiz. (preferably very "obscure", aka it isn't very obvious where each question takes you) and at the end of the quiz, will your character be connected with one of the 14 gods of "The Pantheon".
Each god is based / favor one sin or one virtue and the list of the gods is as follows:

Yorr, The Frostfather. God of ice and Chastity
Hyman, The Being of desire. God of Blood and Lust
Glacious, The Mother of Stars. Goddess of Light and Temperance
Ungol, The Hungry. God of Gravity and Gluttony
Gymnan, The Lifeholder. God of Life and Charity
Nanmyg, The Lifetaker. Goddess of Entropy and Greed
Wymn, The Quick. God of Wind and Diligence
Gul, The Defiled. The God of poison and Sloth
Kroxx, The Stubborn. The God of Stone and Patience
Vymnar, Scales of flames. The God of fire and Wrath
Ysomna, The Howling Mother. The Goddess of beasts and Kindness
Quantix, The Ever craving. The God of Shadows and Envy
Iceotao, the Prince of Mist. The God of Water and Humility.
Tuntyr, the Loud. The god of Thunder and Pride

Depending on the god your character is bound to, changes the nature of your abilities, and affects each of the skilltrees with different modifiers and powers.
For example (this is just basics) a character with a skill to throw a magic bolt will throw A firebolt if he is connected to Vymnar. But if he is connected to Gul, will he throw an Acidbolt instead.

This system would work together with the skilltree system, which would be simple in concept but complex in execution. There would be a large number of skilltrees found around the world. (I would say above 50, perhaps more) each giving a number of different skills in different theming. Each with a different level of rarity.

-The common skills would be the skills you start with. Labeled as "Support" "Conjurer" "Summoner" Very basic things, to ease a player into their skills.

-The Uncommon skills would be skills that you find relatively easily. For example as a reward for a quest might you learn the "Bubble" tree, allowing you to create domes / bubbles or the like of whatever power you have. Or the "runescribe" tree, allowing you to create runes / enchantments of areas or yourself on the fly.

-The Rare skills are skills that are more difficult to find or even require you to have other skills. For example, if you have 10-20 skillpoints in hand-to-hand combat, you can go to a temple in a swamp. IF you don't have the skillpoints is there nothing of value there. But if you do, you will encounter a spirit. Beat said spirit in combat, and he will teach you the martial arts skilltree (or something in that vein)

-The Epic skills are skills that very difficult to find. Example being a randomly spawning book, that magically shifts between a select number of bookshelves around the world. IT can only exist in one place at a time and upon reading it, does it disappear for a day. Giving you the "arachnomancer tree" but only if you have enough skills in the "insect master" skill tree.

-The Legendary skills would be skills that require entire puzzles to find. An example would be. One of the endgame raids is a huge ancient temple in a hidden valley. Inside the temple are there plenty of hieroglyphs which an high skill archeologist can translate. However, one of the walls have a very interesting text, however a piece of it is missing. This piece can be completed, if the reader brings a "curious stone tablet piece" a common item found in an low level jungle zone to said wall to complete it. That translation brings the group on a long quest. from summoning a certain rarespawn and take his head, to give to a witch that will give them the soulessence of said head, etc etc etc. Ending with them in the temple, in a secret chamber, summoning an ancient spirit, that will teach the whole group the "Dinomancy" skill tree. (Even toying with the idea that some of the legendary skills are "Limited", but hyper difficult to obtain)

This is how the class-system would be structured. A character would be able to level up to a maximum of level 100, and gaining 150 skill points during such. (up to level 50 you gain 50, and past that up to 100 you gain 100 points, combining into 150 points). Each skill-tree can have a maximum of 100 points in them, meaning that you can only maximize 1.5 skill trees.
Reskilling will exist, but be extremely, extraordinarily rare. Like a full top guild might work for a week to get material for 1 reskill.
However, each character upon reaching level 50 will get 1 free reskill to use as they please. (save for later, or use at that moment)

Also, as stated will each skilltree be based upon what god you are affiliated with, and this can't change… except in one way.
There is actually 5 "Exiled" gods. Terrible beings that are willing to give anyone that can get to them their blessing. This will change your power to one of the exiled gods, but you will loose your connection to your previous one. And this can't be reverted.
These exiled gods are extremely rare and hard to find, to get to them in of itself requires a server wide puzzle, that should take months to figure out / make work.

The gods are as follows.

Thurump, The Unchained. God of Uncontrolled growth.
This giant rabbit god, is bound within the moon. And Gives the power of uncontrollable overgrowth to anyone that can contact him. However, the overgrowth can easily hurt others aswell as yourself. (a lot of friendly fire risk)

Nyryx, the Laughing. God of Death and Murder.
The Giant ten eyed skull can be found inside the legendary Cosmical Pyramid. And would give anyone who can visit him the power of death. However, as a conduit of the god of death, you will at random get orders / needs to murder someone at random, pray it is a foe.

Tidspin, The Eternal. The God of Time.
The three eyed man, can be found stuck in the most distant and pure ice of the north. Finding him can grant you limited power over time. Able to wind it back, forwards or stop it temporarily. However, mixing with time comes with risks. (Random chance to summon echoes that attack you, aswell as some abilities having random chance of causing self damage)

Deephor, The Maw of the abyss. The God of corruption and mind.
This god, taking the shape of a floating human mouth in darkness, can be found in the Depths of the underworld, beneath an ancient labyrinth discovered by the dwarves ages ago. He will give the wielder the power of corruption. Making the opponent doubt his / her mind and bring back wounds they thought they had healed. However, sanity is dangerous to meddle with. Even for the wielder itself.

Crystalix, The Gored one. The God of Gore and Flesh.
This monsterous parasite gives the visitor the power of goremagic, and very strong regenerative abilities. However, at the cost of randomly causing the wielder to hunger for intelligent flesh. Requiring them to kill and feast..


So that is how the class system works. (that was a long one D:)

The customization would allow a total of 52 races.
6 human variants
6 Dwarf Variants
6 Elf Variants
6 Troll variants
4 Lizard people Variants
4 Undead Variants
4 Orc Variants
3 Insectoid Variants
2 Arachnoid Variants
4 Halfling variants
2 Fungal Variants
3 Elemental Variants
Each Variant of each races are vastly different from the other.
Example being that a Human Variant would be based on European humans, while another would be based upon more Japanese Culture, such things.
Each race "type" (Orc, Human, Elf) having 2 bonus traits, while each Variant have their own special trait / ability.

All of this customization both in skill, race and "Class" to make it possible to say that there is a good 99.999% chance that you are an unique character. (Unless you intentionally mimic another player)

The combat system would be a mixture of tab-target and action. Imagine abit like Darksouls combat. You lock onto an enemy and then fight using attacks and blocks as need be, with parrying, dodging and everything like that being up to the player. However, the combat would be very risky in of itself.
Two people, with the exact same skill, same gear, and same level would be able to kill eachother with 3-4 hits. Making combat fast, ferocious and intense.

Starting out at level 1, you would go out into a massive open world, and be allowed to do whatever you want. There would be quests, however they aren't the main way to level, and are majorly for resources, reputation and to be a red thread to follow if you are unsure. You can level to 50 with only quests and further if you sprinkle in other activities, but it isn't the only way. You can also gain experience by doing professions, protecting caravans. Joining guilds and helping with with major events and so on.

The guild system would be incredibly advanced. Creating a guild, can you either just make a normal guild. OR specialize the guild upon creation. Example, you can make it a "Druidic Conclave" which puts in certain requirements, such as "Only characters with the Blessing of the Lifegiver can be in the higher ranks". Or a Witch Coven, which requires the leadership to have a certain skill number in rituals, witchcraft and be at the least three women.
These requirements however bring benefits.
Guilds can conquer areas, and hire NPCs to do work for them. For example, a Witch Coven have taken over an area with a mine. They can have NPC's work for them, thralls that cost very little resources to maintain, but produce less results, and have them mine out ore for their use.
This working on a giant map system (Imagine the full size of the old world in Azeroth and multiply that by 300). Basically a concept of "Ranked zones".
The idea is that areas of importance are ranked from A to D.
An A rank area will contain an NPC city, or some sort of temple or the like. A B area contains minor points of intests, maybe a shrine to the gods or a minor village. A C area will contain things of minor interest. An abandoned mine, ready to be used again. Or A hunting lodge. An D area is completely untouched, they contain resources, but they need to be built up by a guild. A guild (depending on strength) can start building forts / homes in D areas, and spread influence / power into C-B and eventually A areas. Depending on what type of guild will NPCs accept it, or try and resist it. (like a Knightly order might have no trouble at all to try and gain influence in an A area populated by humans) and therefor develop the world.

This whole thing would be based on a single server per region, making this the true RPG MMO to experience.

Progression would work quite interestingly. Basically, the major part of the game would be avaible not at end game, but rather around level 50. Level 50 would be seen as "The beginning of end-game" sort of. Where instead of rising straight up in power, you begin to basically expand wide, instead of in height. Beginning at level 50 you can create your own guild, you can begin building hideouts, lairs or whatever you want. You can begin making a name of yourself. Reaching level 100 isn't meant to be an easy goal everyone achieves, but rather a goal that is celebrated and seen as a feat. Showing strength, conviction and most often than not, leadership. As reaching such a height requires you to have a guild backing you.

The lore would be developing as the game goes on. Due to an extremely high number of raids and dungeons, this game would have it so, that the first man to clear a certain dungeon, would be directly written into that servers lore. And gain a title fitting for that achievement. (This would require a large amount of raids and dungeons to work). Making it something you can clearly show off and be in awe about. With high-endgame raids being extremely unreasonably difficult, making people truly turn in awe at these incredibly able players.

This game would put ALOT of costumization into the field, the most possible, especially in things like blacksmithing, tailoring and the like, to create as wide of a visual diversity in players as possible, but still keeping it "relatively plausible" for the setting. (Not going full Burning crusade wild with armor sets). Being able to create armor sets / visual gear for your organizations. Allowing uniforms and the like to be created for NPC's.

The PvP of the game would mostly be guild centric. Guild VS Guilds over territory. While technically openworld PvP, would NPC guards be extremely capable fighters, making it very difficult to get away with killing people (within reasonable distance of the guards).
Guild vs Guild warfare would not just include players. But also NPCs, guilds able to literally field armies of soldiers belonging to their organization. Squads of soldiers lead by players. While higher ranking players act as officers, or even generals.

Guilds would have a massive impact on the world. Not only able to create forts, but the land itself. A guild could create an artifact, perhaps… a druidic conclave creates a magical artifact of life and activating it in a desert, causes life magic to spread out, turning the desert in a magical grove of life. By combining magical items with enchantments in the right way would allow players to do this kind of massive magical effects on the world itself.
An cult might combine the right magical items and effects to create a ressurection orb, which (after a ritualistic castitme) allows a high-ranking member to raise the dead on the battlefield, boosting their army.
Basically, making it possible for guilds to create legendarily powerful magical items.

Just the same, would the world have a number of legendary items. Legendary swords, armors and the like in circulation. These "artifacts" would be in a set number per "server" (aka, America, Europe, asia etc) and upon death is dropped. There are for example "10 sword of the Golden Paladin order" powerfull weapons of the light, only wieldable with the right skills. Allowing warriors of the light to take up the mantle as golden paladins.
Everything to make this MMO the highest tier of Roleplay, Freedom and creativity.

This is my Concept, remember this is not a technological or economical idea, just a concept. Say what you think. (Sorry for the long read). I have been brewing on this concept for a long time and it is a WIP… but this is what I would call my Dream MMO.

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