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I don’t post or comment, but today is different. Today sucked. I had to deal with a shitty supervisor and a long shift, and I felt the need to vent some emotions and what better way than sharing some thoughts.

A few months ago, I began to be very invested into lurking this sub. And why not, the best memories I have with gaming are in this genre. The features, the amount of content, the RPG elements, the vast landscapes and the best of all; the ability to put colossal amounts of players into one area. But let’s face it, the era of MMOs is long gone. Publishers and developers have opted for the easier and more profitable road. Compared to MOBAs and Battle Royale, MMOs are a huge investment in money and time, and I don’t think they are in the disposition to change their minds. If only there were at least one MMO that can blow my mind and bring back the good memories.

2019 was difficult to me, but this encourage me to change. Now, I can see the light coming back in my life and I’m looking forward to learning more about game development. I’m not going to lie to you guys, I don’t have the money nor the skill to build an MMO but what I do have is the drive. So far, the only thing I have is a GDD and some concept art. My next step is to learn Blender and connect with people who are in the gaming industry (networking), and hopefully work on some small projects to acquire experience and be acknowledge. One day, maybe the next decade, you will hear from me again. The future is unpredictable, but I do hope I will have something nice to share; something like a Dream MMO.


I want to finish this post with some notes on what makes current MMOs so bad and why we all share the same sentiment that the genre has decline over the years.

-Everquest and WoW became so successful that they become the cookie cutter staple for most of the games, resulting in lack of innovation and creativity.

-Games in general have declined in value (no distinctive or enjoyable experience)

-Uninspired lore and boring repetitive quests

-Terrible design, and with this we can group a lot of bs such as: linear map progression, p2w options, boring craft or frustrating RNG loot, solo play achieve the same as group play (not that solo is bad, but in an MMO you need to incentivize the players to group), and of course the worst offenders of all; terrible progression systems, where everything sums into kill these so you can get better gear, so you can do more killing, so then later you kill big bad monster, so you can later repeat the same non nonsensical murderous cycle over and over again. Not that killing monsters isn’t fun, but players do it nonstop because guess what? That’s the only way to level in most games, and so every player indirectly becomes a grind slave.

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