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[DREAMS] What is with all of the negativity and anger over this game?

Gamingtodaynews1b - [DREAMS] What is with all of the negativity and anger over this game?

MM has been working on this for forever, and it's in early access and whatever gets posted about it seems to just get so much shit from this sub.

As far as I'm concerned:

  1. They've been awesome with it, offering the game to people early at $30 and upgrading them for free when it releases
  2. They're encouraging people to be creative.
  3. They've made it so people of different interests can all contribute (For example I'm a musician and I'm having a blast making music and sharing it for people to put in their games or animations. I'll certainly try modeling and maybe making a little game here and there, but that's my passion)
  4. They've certainly made something incredibly unique, that's not been done before.
  5. They're encouraging people to work together as a big community

There's plenty more too, but with just that, why the hate?


This game looks like crap. Well this game just released in early access.

That's a shitty remake. Again, it's been out barely over a week, so games people are trying to make are clearly in progress.

Why are there so many posts. Why are there so many Horizon, RDR, Witcher 3 etc posts? Because this is a sub to discuss all things PS4.


If you don't like the posts, don't click em. If you're not interested in the game, don't buy it. If you want to talk shit about it, talk shit about it it's reddit, that's fine. I guess I'm just looking for legitimate complaints. Every complaint or shit comment seems to be uninspired, unjust or a bit of a stretch. Anthem deserves the trash talk it gets, as does a lot of EA bullshit. But these guys have made something, given a rough draft of it out for so cheap, and you can't even click on a post without reading the same garbage again and again.

Now we have people saying to stop posting anything dreams related on this sub, and post the the dreams sub instead. We wouldn't be able to post about any games then.

I thought the sub was going to be loaded with fun posts about it after they launched early access, and people would be praising it, but it seems to be very split. Christ, my wife who hates video games was laughing her ass off watching me play some of the games people are working on.

I would love to hear genuine complaints though, by all means! I loved Horizon, but the human battles were weak as shit. I loved Witcher 3, but the fighting was shit. I hate Bloodbourne, but I love to read some of the posts on it in this sub.

TLDR: Get out of my dreams, get into my car.

EDIT: I knew this was just going to get downvoted immediately without it being read. I knew it was a waste of time, but fuck it. I stand by my post.

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