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DRG (Would it Make a good MMO Model?)

Gamingtodaynews1f - DRG (Would it Make a good MMO Model?)

Deep Rock Galactic

What burns me out in my MMO experience is how there is never a between hardcore and casual model. Many MMO require just too many hours to get end game equipment and the grind to this content is NOT fun. Reverse that and you can get there fast but the content is easy or unfulfilling. I have had fun playing many different ones and frankly they all do some things very well. I have an idea for a model though that would change how people view MMO. This would make them easy to access and jump right into play without that overwhelming grind.

  1. ) City Instances: Instead of large maps with open world concepts have base cities where you can run around for vendors, socializing, auctions etc. While games like GW2 and LOTRO are great for exploration, other games have dead areas making you run or ride for long distances just to get somewhere with very little satisfaction. Destiny actually does the city instances. While it's easy in a sci fi setting it would work for fantasy as well.

2.) Quest Instances: Group quests or solo quests could be done this way. You could use the same map for a different quest. Like the group finder in WoW or any other MMO when done right it can help people when they want to do some coop for an hour but dont have the time otherwise.

Before I go on, I know some people may question this and feel it takes away from the game. Though it's not a MMO DRG (Deep Rock Galactic) uses this model already. You start in the space rig and move on to your group mission. It seems very simple but the ability to group up faster and more efficiently is a big step in the right direction. Many gamers like myself want to play a MMO but just don’t have the time to commit to it anymore. This makes many people stay away from the older model or MMO. I love WOW classic but the Honor/Gear grind is real. I found that out at 60 after AV ques and MC runs. I respect anyone who has really devoted themselves to a set. It takes real work!

At the end of the day I feel like there are a few key things that have to be in a MMO

  • A way your character feels different from other characters and unique options
  • Content that is fun and rewarding at a respectable pace

The system doesn't have to be super deep nor the raids five bosses in. Honestly after playing DRG it opened my mind to a whole other idea. What if you did just drop in with less travel, less demanding dailies, less grind and just have fun blowing up stuff with your friends? If the game had a new model with rogues/scouts, warriors/gunners, clerics/drillers, and hunters/engineers it would be amazing(It already is BTW). The game has done great for being a low end gaming company. Concept is simple. Though it does lack much depth it gives you the idea, what if this was just a little deeper with more classes, races, quests and skills.

As a programmer I see the potential in such a simple idea. Extra content would be easy to produce with instance based concepts. It would also open up the market to more people. Sometimes I think MMOs developers believe that if they don’t give just tons of junk content people will get bored. Frankly Im tired of slaughtering twenty things to move on to another thirty things. I think most of us will never do half of what we can in any MMO. If you do guess what, try the other side or a new character class. I play a lot of different games from retro, sports, FPS, MMO, RPG, and on. I have appreciation for all the styles. The MMO market is the only one other than (Madden) I feel really needs to make a comeback.

This is not a promotional post either. But I am giving them some praise for what they have done along with a few other games.

What do you think? Seriously. It is OK not to agree 🙂 . Millions of dollars have been made on MMOs over the years so they are always looking for ways to stay in the game. One month of Subs could be 1 Mil plus in profit. Would you try something similar?


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