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Drowning In Too many Steam Games. Why Having Too Many Games Devalues Your Games.

Gamingtodaynews1f - Drowning In Too many Steam Games. Why Having Too Many Games Devalues Your Games.

This is something I have noticed and is just my experience with my games and maybe your experience is different and that's A-Okay.

I think it's easy to see that the gaming landscape has changed quite a bit in the last decade and with these changes comes a change in how we relate to the games we own or rent. Steam and the rise of Indies has made gaming a much more affordable hobby especially for people in countries where incomes are low. Steam has sales on every week for new games and also special sales such as the winter sale and the summer sale which are huge sales with very big discounts. Games are now being released on a daily basis. Something that was unheard of before the rise of Steam and the Xbox Indie Marketplace.

With such easy access to games that are $5, $10, $20 dollars for really good indies or AAA games it's easy to stack up a nice large library of games. Humble bundles and Epic Games Free weekly games are also part of this.

It's easier now then ever before to have a large library and that is the situation I find myself in. it's so much easier to drop one game and never finish it before moving on to the next game. And by the time you want to come back to the game there are newer games that are grabbing your attention and time. As my library has increased my perception and value for each individual game has gone down. I'm no longer trying to get my money's worth out of my games as it's an impossible mountain to climb with so many games that are still unplayed and unattended too in my library. Each game is vying for my attention and time and it is easy to forget about a game or leave it for another when you have hundreds.


I started my Steam adventure in 2013 with the purchase of Counter Strike Source. I had just gotten back into gaming after a long lapse and had gotten back to gaming because of the release of
The Binding of Isaac" a roguelike that I would end up putting hundreds of hours into.

By the start of 2021 I find myself with a little over 200 games on Steam and Another 50+ on the Epic Games platform. I've started and haven't finished the majority of my library. In fact I can count on one hand the amount of games I've finished from beginning to end. This fact keeps me in an anxiety state of worrying that I'm not getting the full experience I suppose. It's just too easy to stop playing when the game get's to a boring part or when the game slows down. And that's the complication that comes from having a large game library. While it's a good thing in many ways it leaves me with anxiety. It's just too easy to stop playing and start up a new game when one get's boring. I wish I had a more curated library with fewer games but of higher quality. I find myself slowing down dramatically with my purchases and I now only purchase a few games a year and don't even pick up every free game on the Epic Store.

QUESTION: What is your experience with a large game library? Do you find it gives you anxiety to have many unfinished games? Or do you finish each game before purchasing the next?

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